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Hey there, I'm Doug. I'm a System Coder here on Avlis. I joined the Team about 3 weeks after joining Avlis and haven't played much since! :-) I started by working on crafting with Sylvan Phoenix creating some code to bulk unload crafting tables. I then moved onto spearheading the spellhooking effort. Since then I've answered a lot of questions on the boards, posted a lot on the Team boards, coded a bunch of random projects, and hired a lot of subcontractors. Most of my subs are now Team Members themselves. Some of my favorite projects were fixing changeling issues, adding shifter form replacements, making the campfire work as a trashcan, metamagic rods, and scribing.

Nowadays I stick to the shadows, popping on the boards when I have time and giving advice to the spellhooking Team. :)

May 14, 2006: I've been getting questions lately about my reappearance on the boards. I am doing some coding work on Avlis, but I am mainly focusing at this point on getting ready for NWN2.

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