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About Me:

I have been on Avlis since February 2003 and a DM since November 2003.

I have been Dru'El since I started as a DM - which is appropriate as most of my characters are CG and do follow Dru'El. This is purely coincidental - when I was accepted as a DM, Dru'El happened to be available, so Orleron offered the name to me. I feel very lucky and honoured to portray Dru'El.

I am probably quite well-known for having a very large number of characters in my Servervault - I just enjoy the RP and like to be involved in events - so I tend to have a character for most occasions. Also, I have no interest in pushing my characters to Epic levels - my highest level is 10, although I do have 4 at that level.

I am now Head DM for Avlis1 - quite an honour and responsibility!!

I like to be active on the Forums, plus I moderate a number of separate Guild or Group Forums and sponsor several Guilds within the Game. I also try to take part in the Admin work of dealing with questions from Players or policing the problem Players. The latter is a thankless task, but is necessary to ensure they do not spoil the Game for others. I feel this is a part of the responsibilies which go with being a DM.

I also enjoy DMing on the servers - usually Elysia, although I do visit others as well. I like to run spontaneous RP-based events, rather than World-shaking Storylines.

Roleplay is the reason we are here - I like to encourage this. If you are standing around at Elf Gate and meet up with a Penguin or just get a cookie for your Roleplay, then there is a good chance you have met up with Dru'El.

Avlis Forum: Nighthawk4