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Avlis Emote System Tutorial

What we need is a tutorial with some of the following:

  • how you get to it (putting in a quick slot, using function keys, using number keys to do menu selections ...)
  • what each menu selection is for
  • hints/tips on when to use what
  • maybe give examples
  • images might help (you can use the link on the side of the page to upload images just make sure to give them descriptive names)

such that any new player can understand and take advantage of it. I'll let you come up with the format. I can help you with the wiki if you have any questions. Also I can show you the main script that impliments the emote system if that would help you.

click on this red link to start editing Silverbrooke:Sandbox See for a good resource on Wiki editing. But you can just experimant if you want. For now make that link your sandbox to try out ideas.

you can look at this Player_Guide as an example, we might integrate this into the player guide.

here is the link to the discussion on the new emote wand [1] I am going to try to fix every thing this weekend but it might be nice to have a known problems section anyway.

Please feel free to ask me lots of questions on this I know I am not giving you much to start with.