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World Leader, Proclamation Articulator

TimeZone GMT -5 or Eastern Standard Time


Main: James va'Kurane IV. A young noblewoman from Calazeria who was sent to Kuras by her father. She's down in the South due to the conflict in her homeland. While it would be possible for her to return, she's unlikely to go back while the wars continue.

Alt Character: Aarilaxis. An aspiring Annihilator, Aarilaxis has a growing hatred of the warmbloods who inhabit the central region of Avlis. He is favored of Aarilax, who gives him spells that he may take what he desires. He is proficient with the Halbred and a formidable opponent in combat.

Former Editor-in-Chief of World Forge Magazine[1] featuring new world settings, articles on world building, running roleplaying campaigns, online gaming, and fiction. Subscription required.