White Hares

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The White Hares (WiP)

Tribal Region/Terrain: Eastern Tyedu; western inland portion

Tribal Animals: The Snow Hare, quick and witty.

Tribal Deity: The Wise Hare

Tribal Population/Size: Varies with seasons and battle conditions. Typically between 250-375; a higher percentage of men than women and women are known to practice polyandry. Mostly to ensure the tribe survives but also to maintain a structure when half the men leave.

Tribal Weapons/Armor: Spears, Axes, Swords, Bows. Leather to Hide armor and shields.

Tribal Alignment: Chaotic; freeform tribal structure.

Tribal Organization: Leadership consisting of a tribal leader and possible commanders of the forces within the tribe. Leadership is open to men and women of the tribe. Through 'war leaders' tend to always be men.

Tribal Existence: Hunting and gathering are their standard means. Through during spring they do plant crops and raise them through the summer months. Are known to maintain warrens for the snow hare. Traders in furs and wood cravings. Are known to produce some of the richest Snowberry Wine from their lands.

Known Traditions & Rituals

Tattooing is the main way of expressing belief and status. All tattoos are done in what they called Sacred White of the Hare. Their tattoos tell their story both of the tribes and of themselves.

The Running Hare: (known to the cousins the Blue Foxes as the Fox Tail)

The Hare Hunt: Where the youth within the tribe are sent out to hunt with no weapons. Relying upon what they were taught and practiced over the many winters; snares, slings, and traps. Those that return with a hare are admitted into the tribe.

Story of Great Hare: Marked by the first snowfall, the tribe gathers nightly for a telling of its people by the entire tribe. The youth learns the old stories and tells of the new stories from the spring and summer before.

Know History

From the moment of their gathering and becoming known as the Blue Foxes; which are guided by the Great Fox. Things were always about survival for them. Then came what they refer to as the 'Decade of Warmth' where the winters were all fall and spring; the snow didn't pack heavy upon the ground and the streams and lakes didn't freeze. In this time, the tribe grew larger as the land provided for more people. This did not last as they hope and winter returned with its bitter harshness. Barely surviving the first return of winter and making it through to spring. The leaders gather and the ways of the fox were explained and choices were made. Some families went north and became the Black Seals. Others went west and become the White Hares. To the east are the Grey Eagles. With the Blue Foxes remaining in the south of their lands. The four tribes are friendly to each other and will support the other if called upon.