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Avlis tries to have as few rules as possible. However, there are standards that we enforce to ensure that our vision of a roleplay server is met and to make sure that everybody has fun.

  1. General Rules
    1. Servervault Purges
    2. Powergaming
    3. The Avlis Procedure for Punishment
      1. Warnings
      2. Punishment
      3. Banishment
      4. Review
    4. Interacting with DMs
    5. Contacting the Team
  2. Specific Rules
    1. Metagaming
      1. Floaty Name
      2. Changelings
      3. Invisibility
      4. Disguise
      5. Crafting Recipes
      6. Sharing Inn Rooms
    2. Exploiting
      1. Duping
      2. Sneaking behind a person through a door
      3. Transition Ambushes
      4. ISD
    3. Cheesing
      1. Character Backgrounds
      2. Races
        1. Elves
        2. Drow
      3. Pregnancy
      4. Prestige Classes
    4. Roleplaying Related
      1. Speaking for NPCs
      2. Sexuality
      3. Spies
      4. The Domination Effect
      5. Speaking: Familiars,Changelings,Shapeshifters &Telepathy
      6. Languages
      7. In Game Rules: Elysia

Player Guidelines

Player guidelines aren't official rules, and don't have formal punishments for breaking them, but they are community guidelines accepted and followed by the community of players.

CvC Guidelines: The Gentlemen's Agreement

CvC Gentlemen's Agreement

The Gentlemen's Agreement is a set of rules created and enforced by players. The most likely consequence of breaking any of these rules is that your own character wouldn't be covered by them either, specially by the no looting rule.

Gentlemen's Agreement:

  1. No looting of items except for consumables/replaceables: A weapon, a helm or a magical wand are examples of things that can't be looted under general circumstances. Items that can be looted include but are not limited to magical potions, healing kits, ammunition, crafting components, gems and scrolls.
  2. Withdrawal upon defeat: If you are defeated in CvC you must not attack the enemy who defeated you until twenty four real time hours have passed. Leaving the area where you were defeated is the best way to achieve this. The purpose of this rule is to give some meaning to victories achieved in CvC.
  3. No use of "banned" spells: Bigby's Forceful Hand is the only spell that at this time of writing has been considered "broken" for CvC purposes. No other spells are forbidden by the Gentlemen's Agreement even though some players might frown upon certain other spells. Regardless, everything else can be used.