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A Primer on the Arcane Archer by Ni’arthin

Arcane archer is a profession most often taken up by elves and half-elves. This is not limited to just the Avlisian High Elf, but also includes Avariel, Ghost Elves, Dragonari, and Sereg’wethrin. They learn to meld the worlds of archery and magic together to grant them amazing abilities with the bow. Within the hands of even the arcane archer, normal arrows become magical and hit enemies harder, and can penetrate even the strongest resistances. As they learn more of their arts they can make their arrows do amazing things, shooting around corners, sending a hail of arrows at all enemies in range, and imbuing their arrows with magical energy. It is rumored that a true master archer of the art can even slay their foes with a single, well placed arrow.

Why Elves

Arcane Archers are exclusively those with Elven blood. No one knows for sure why, nor is there any speculation as to why this is. Could it be that they have an innate ability to do so? This is all unknown, and any theories put forth would only be speculation by the author. This is something I will be researching soon, after this paper is published.

Enchant Arrow

As an Arcane Archer progresses in their experience in the art, they temporarily grant a magical enchantment to their arrows. This is equal to about a One Rune of Power, but as the Archer advances in Seasons, the enchantment becomes stronger, and soon can reach Five Runes of power for a True Master of the Craft, or higher.

Imbue Arrow

By channeling energy into an arrow, an Archer can make it explode upon contact. More experience Archer can imbue an arrow with other spells, and therefore extend their range. Some spells which I have tested:

  • Icestorm
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Chain Lightning
  • Meteor Storm

Other spells would work as well, but some will not, such as Knock, or Legend Lore.

Seeker Arrow

Using a quirk in the Arcane, the Archer can splice an arrow with magic that will home in and seek out their opponents. This can make the arrow do “tricks” such as shoot around buildings, trees, raise and lower over obstacles, and unerringly hit its target. The energy to do these feats is taxing, and therefore limited to only a handful of times a day an Arcane Archer can do so.

Hail of Arrows

In lieu of a regular attack, an Archer can fire an arrow at each and every target within range. This ability is taxing on the Archer, and can only be used once a day at the most. As the Archer gains more experience in its use, they can increase the number of targets that are hit with the arrows.

Death Arrow

Master Arcane Archers, and only Masters, can do an astounding feat with their abilities. This is in the creation of an Arrow of Death. With one shot, an Archer can fell all but the most resistant of all opponents. Like a Seeker Arrow, this can only be done a limited number of times, and at the most only once per day. Anymore than that is too strenuous for the Archer to try and do.


An Arcane Archer role is a versatile one, and most often are leaders of war bands. Their Martial experience combine with the Arcane leads them to be prime battle casters. Archers posse quick reflexes, allowing them to nimble move out of attacks, most others find themselves stuck in.