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The person that goes by the Internet name "Brayon" is a Player on the CoPaP Servers of Avlis, Hala, and Tairis'Nadur. He is also a DM on the CoPaP Server of Arkaz. He has several different PCs that he has tried over the Years he's been with CoPaP and NWN, most of which can be found on Avlis. His DM persona on Arkaz, is Ralyorm the God of Magic.




  • Dae Tir'einer - No Longer Played


  • Cole Selwyn - No Longer Played
  • Zyrus - No Longer Played


  • Aer - No Longer Played
  • Chase
  • Nori - No Longer Played

Quick Stats:

MSID: BrayonHopper, BHopper2, or Godric2
Forum Name: Brayon
Time Zone: GMT-5/4 in summertime

IC/IG Writings