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Brayon Hopper
Race: Adomkuro
Classes: Rogue (3)/Fighter (2)
Most active on server: Mikona
Contact: Leave a message

Brayon Hopper was born in the Underdark of Avlis, where he grew up learning the ways of Evrak and torture from his family. Around his twentieth birthday, he tortured and killed his parents as a sacrifice to Evrak. Several months went by until he journeyed to the overlight of M'Chek, where he attempted to become a member of the military. After arriving into the City of Mikona, he met several followers of the god Mikon. He soon had a stirring in his heart, and eventually gave up the ways of Evrak, and is now a devoted follower of Mikon. He is still trying to join the crafting organization know as ACE, and is hiring himself out as a scout for adventurering groups.