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Systems and Tools


Greetings and welcome to the most comprehensive source of knowledge in the ever expanding field of Fylgia and Animal Companions that Negaria, and all of Avlis has to offer. Begun as an initiative to come to a more thorough understanding of the creatures surrounding us; this Lexicon of Fauna is meant to shed light and banish misconceptions of many of the creatures throughout our lands - and indeed, many from far, far beyond our normal horizons. There are a handful of books in game on the various aspects of Companion training (The ranger written books may not be useful for they speak of a different set of techniques).

Wild Creatures

There may be creatures in the world that refuse to ever be tamed, but more likely the knowledge to tame was lost and just needs to be discovered again. It is possible to research the needed knowledge by intently studying the characteristics and behaviors of a particular species, or look to the wandering elder druids of this world ... I am told there are some waiting to help those willing to take on such a quest if you are willing to share this information once the quest is completed.

Some animals can be tamed but their true potential still lies hidden within. Upon researching and observing them more knowledge about these creatures can be unearthed and then brought forth ( - some animals are set up to be tamed but haven't been given a specific profile in the CTS. Post up your research notes and then the animal can be added properly).

Knowledge and Lore of Selected Animals. Some Druids and Rangers have specialized in the research of particular animals, their behaviors and outstanding characteristics. Observations, thoughts and lore brought forth by these individuals are shared here:

Fauna Lore

There have been observations and notes of Fauna by druids and rangers that have researched them

CTS Mechanics and Notes on Sharing Training Information

A good portion of the knowledge of this system should be treated as in character, in game information (akin to crafting recipes). You are free to share basic information via in character forum posts, but do not divulge any taming or training techniques in the forums or on this wiki.

However, there is a significant amount of out-of character information on the mechanics of the CTS System. For example, as of version there is a shared empathy bonus ability that is given after a certain amount of training and the details of its mechanics are not FOIG. This information is available on the CTS Mechanics page.

How to Add Research on a Companion

Druids and Rangers can research creatures to be added (or modified) to the CTS system. To research a new creature, the player must create a new wiki page with the character's observations about the creature. If you'd like to add your own page for a companion, please follow the instructions on the Animal Companion Research Template Page.

In order not to duplicate research already completed or underway, the following links show research that has been completed, or is being worked on currently, by other druids or rangers.