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Do you have anything else to add?
Do you have anything else to add?

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You are the sleazy mafia union contractor of Avlis. You ensure that builders and coders have the resources they need to do their job and that they're staying on task to complete projects. You will make decisions on specific quests ideas and area building and submit them to the Lead Designer for approval. You assign projects to builders based on priority as directed by the Project Manager. Hire and train new builders, then assign them to projects. You also requisition subcontractors from the Project Manager to help builders with larger projects. This position reports to the Project Manager.


  • Hire and task builders and building subcontractors.
  • Direct the Team in coming up with quests and plans for fleshing out areas.
  • Assign building resources based on priorities set by the Project Manager.
  • Ensure that progress is being made on areas.


  • Knowledge of the Avlis game world.
  • Knowledge of NWScript and area building.
  • Minimum 3 months of experience scripting or building for Avlis.
  • Ability to manage people.
  • Must have knowledge of D&D 3.0 PnP rules.
  • Preferred PnP gaming experience.
  • Preferred knowledge of the Avlis PnP setting.
  • Knowledge of MySQL, C, C++, C#, or Java is a plus.

Job Description

It is your responsibility to monitor the team mailing list for builder applications and post them in the Team Application forum for review. Once a majority of the team has chimed in, you must make a final decision and send this recommendation to Orleron for approval. It is then your responsibility to ensure an acceptance or rejection email is sent to the applicant as appropriate. Applicants should expect to get a final response within two weeks of submitting their application.

When new builders are hired, it is your responsibility to assign them an area or quest to work on and ensure they have the information and know-how to do their job. If a builder requires training to be an effective contributor, it is your job to make sure that they get that training.

You will assign areas or quest development to builders based on the priority decided by the Project Manager and the overall story direction of the Lead Designer. Your direction will often come in the form of, "We need a quest in section C21 of Deglos for level 8-12 parties." It will then be your responsibility to lead the discussion in the implementation of this quest, approve the design, get final approval from the Lead Designer and assign a builder to complete the task.

It will be the Lead Builder's job to be aware of builder activity and make sure that we're not neglecting areas or quests. This may entail shifting builder resources, assigning subs or reassigning projects as needed. As builders gain experience, showing talent and increased knowledge of the Avlis world, you will decide when they are ready for larger more expansive projects.

You will also be responsible for making decisions on Team discussions about quests and area design, in much the same way that the Head DM makes final decisions on Watchlist threads. Your word will be the final word in such discussions. It is your responsibility to ensure that designed quests are balanced and appropriate for the area(s) they are designed. You will work with the Project Manager and Lead Designer to get final approval on quests and area design after you have decided on an implementation with Team input.

It will be your job to determine, based on direction from the Lead Designer which areas of the world need work and to prioritize the development of those areas. You will lay out the time tables and steps to be taken to finish areas. This includes both physical areas on a server as well as systems that need to be developed, enhcanced or repaired. Your responsibilities will also include lsitening to DM Team needs and deciding, in conjunction with the Lead Designer, which issues can be accomplished and the priority of fixes and additions. You will ensure that both the Lead Builder and QA Lead have the resources they need to do their jobs as directed by you.

You will be responsible for hiring subcontractors, either when you see a need or when requested by another Team member. In addition, you will keep tabs on those subcontractors and their progress. When a subcontractor finishes a project, you will determine their interest in continued work and either terminate their access or re-assign them based on the current building/QA needs. If a subcontractor becomes inactive, you will follow up with them and terminate their access when appropriate.

You will be authorized to ask for Team volunteers and/or hire additional Team members (with approval) to delegate responsibilities assigned to you as needed. You and your Team will be authorized to hire subcontractors as necessary to complete tasks and to requisition the help of existing contractors from the Project Manager.


Avlis Boards Name:

First Name:

Last Name:


Timezone are you in? (GMT +/-)

Do you have a broadband connection?

How long have you been playing on Avlis?

Are you currently a Team Member? If so, please list your current position and how long you have been with the Team.

If you are not a Team Member, have you been an Avlis Subcontractor? If so, please list all projects that you have completed and which active Team Members you have worked with.

Have you ever been a DM/Game Master for a pen and paper game? ___ Yes ___ No

If yes, how many years/months experience with DMing/GMing do you have?

How familiar are you with 3rd Edition D&D rules? What about 3.5?

How long have you been using the NWN Toolset and what have you done with the toolset?

What kind of NWNX experience do you have?

Do you have any programming or database experience? If so, what experience do you have? How long have you worked with each language/database?

Have you ever worked as a programmer professionally? ___ Yes __ No

If yes, what kind of programming did you do?

Do you have any experience managing people?

How do you delegate responsibility?

What do you like about Avlis?

As the Lead Builder it will be your job to implement the details of Avlis' server growth. What kinds of ideas do you have for creating engaging areas and quests that tell stories? Give at least one example of a quest and an area using two different active servers.

What would make you a good Lead Builder?

Do you have anything else to add?