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Neverwinter Nights Game Requirements for Avlis

Avlis uses the original Neverwinter Nights (NWN) game, version 1.69 patch, along with the two 2 expansion packs. In addition to the standard NWN game and expansion packs, it also uses custom content.

Obtaining the Neverwinter Nights Game

If you do not have the NWN game, you may be able to purchase NWN from a site such as GOG.

  • IMPORTANT: When purchasing NWN from a website, it may come with a set of default "CD" keys. Our Player Registration authentication system requires that all players connecting to it must have a unique set of "CD" keys. We have blocked the default keys to prevent issues.
    • For example, GOG will supply their customers with a unique set of keys suitable for multiplayer use. Please visit the GOG support page to request new CD keys.

System Requirements

  • NWN and Avlis will run on most modern computers. NWN's system requirements are listed here, and Avlis does not have any additional System Requirements beyond that of NWN.
  • If NWN is not running well on Windows verion 8 or 10, it may be useful/necessary to run NWN with some compatibility settings enabled, such as "Run this program as administrator" and "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings". Right click on nwnmain.exe and select the Compatibility tab to view these settings.

Recommended Graphic and Sound Settings

  • You can play around with graphics and sound settings that NWN stable for your system, while enhancing your video and audio experience when playing in Avlis.
  • Some have found better game stability if the "Shiny Water" graphic setting is set to disabled.