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Jorio Alerian Human

Jorio's mother was a princess named Dagadontera, a decendent from the Alerian Royal Family located on the Glacial Plains of Jechran. Dagadontera was to succeed her mother, Vessana, as ruler of the Alerian Family Empire- lands containing some the region's richest, and most fertile soil. Dagadontera's only requirement was that she had to give birth to a female child before her 23rd birthday to replace her spot within the Alerian blood line as a future successor to the family throne.

Vessana had orchestrated an arranged marriage between her daughter, Dagadontera, and Cordan Jorio De Sancuzo, of the Sancuzo Principality in the Kurathene Empire. The marriage was an attempt to thwart an escalation of the regional wars brought on by the religious zealots and their Holy Wars.

Dagontera, now twenty-one years of age, had accepted the arrangement and married Prince Cordan Jorio De Sancuzo on the anniversary of her father's passing- as was the custom for the women of Jechran. Within a few months, she became pregnant with her first child. Not wanting to risk the chance of losing the throne due to her carrying a male child, Dagontera sought out the magika of a Ta' Nari priestess summoned from the abyss to determine the sex on her unborn child- and to possibly alter it if need be.

The ritual was conducted without the guidance from the High Temple of Alerian, and the results were disasterous. Dagontera had forgot to cast upon herself "protection from evil" and had summoned the Ta' Nari priestess without a protective barrier. The Ta' Nari priestess, realizing the mistake Dagontera had made, seized the opportunity and unleashed a series of mind-affecting and freedom-from-movement spells upon her. The Ta' Nari then forced Dagontera to deliver her baby pre-maturely in order to claim the child for a live sacrifice to the demon lord of the abysmal plane from which it came.

Just as the baby was born, Prince Cordan Jorio De Sancuzo entered the room to witness the horrific event. With his mighty Warhammer in hand, the Prince brought the mighty weight of his Mithril hammer back and drove its forged metal head into the base of the Ta' Nari's skull. The piercing shriek of the beast, just before the Prince's hammer was to end its measley existance, summoned several more Ta' nari priestess' from the abysmal plane. By now, Dagontera had regained consciousness, enough to mouth the appropriate command to close the portal and seal the remaining Ta' Nari beasts from returning. The pool of blood, however, lost from the forced premature birth of her infant "son", weakened Dagontera and she knew she would die soon. As her heroic Prince fought off the onslaught of the two remaining Ta' Nari demons, she placed the listless body of her near-death son in her blood stained arms. Dagontera realized she had enough power left to either save herself, enough to keep her alive until she could return to the High Temple, or save the life of her once seemingly, unwanted son. Her heart would not let her do it; and, with all the strenght she could muster, she commanded the life back into the soul of small boy back just on the brink of death.

Dagontera's sacrifice of her own life for the sake of her son's was not taken well by the Royal Family. Without a female heir, and the threat of the religious zealots now gone, Vessana Alerian demanded Prince Cordan Jorio De Sancuzo to return to Kurathene, while the baby remained with her. Not able to live with the sight of young Alerian boy for very long, as it brought great pain onto the Royal Family and the memory of their lost daughter, Vessana had the boy sent to a remote village in the Highlands were a congregation of monks took the boy in and raised him as one of their own.

Now, twenty-two years later, young Jorio Alerian has become a man. After learning the truth behind his real identity, young Jorio has set out to find his father and discover more about his birth, and of his heritage. This quest will not be any easy one. For you see, Jorio's father, Prince Cordan de Sancuzo, was given word that his son was taken to the farthest most eastern lands beyond the Taggard Mountains; and, without warning and with no word given to any one, had set off to find him.

Armed with nothing more than a few coins and an ancient tome, young Jorio starts his journey out in the City of Mikona. Jorio's faith in Gorethar, his one true God, has brought the young cleric to this City where it is believed that he will find the first clues to his life-long quest.