The Sea

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By Ashanar Sekor (Ash)

As I stand here, leaning on the rail
Looking over the deep blue sea
Listening to the flap of the sails
I find a poem awakening in me

The waves foaming at the boat's sides
And the blue rolling on forever more
While the waves dance under the sky
How I long never to see the shore

The sea mist on my face and in my hair
A strong wind blowing back my cloak
With the wonderful smell of salt in the air
How many thoughts can the sea evoke?

It stretches on with what seems no bound With the curves of waves like a dame
Attracting me with their calls and sounds
After this trip will I ever be the same?

A feeling of being so completely free
Can there really be a colour blue this deep?
Now all gulls' cries seem to be just for me
As I look forward to my rocking sleep

The ship slows and the waves caress
As night falls and stars reflect
The moon light on the wave crests
Now feeling of calm seems to infect

Laying on the deck of the ship
Feeling the gentle sway of the sea
I must thank the friend that recommended this trip
And I wonder if next she would travel with me?