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This user is evil, and frequently says muhuhaha.

The truth will set you free in the end but it will eviscerate you first.
--Sage Miriel of Visimontium

  • Lookie here: Red-bullet.gif Green-bullet.jpg Hawk-feather.gif Pebble bullet.gif Red-rose-small.gif Black-rose-small.gif

--VoidHamlet 06:05, 29 March 2010 (CDT)

  • Was a proud player of:
Alatariel Verae (Ale) ± Breeze ± Eunike Karmin ± Lantaraana ± Lily Illian ± Yol Ardenstblade ± (Missing in action)
Aglaru'adu Dur'Ruingare (Du) ?! Elghinyrr Kelvos-Lorin Assa'rai Ko (Morain) ± Grace Ath'Hur ± Sarah Goodmane ± Tal'Lieulia Laylom'Shelega ± (Assumed dead)
† Belevren Graniteanvil ± † Eroneon (Eru) ± Ooman Chatool (Faith Catheart) ± Naever (Knave) ± (Deceased and/or ascended)