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Miriel Hana's Sketchbook Collection

This is a collection of sketches by Miriel and other personnae of Avlis whose works she has acquired in one or another manner.

  • Alchemy Lesson

A motley group has assembled around an alchemy table. Two men stands out, one a redhead with piercing violet eyes clad in a slate gray robe, the other a dark blonde wearing the robe of a novitate to the Green Order of the Forest. The latter is puffing from a pipe never mind the hazard sign.

The remainder of the group are all mages and initiates of the Ivory Order of the Sun.

Ancalopuk Mistalyris
Bell Arren
Dusk Redrilo
Elendor Illumaren
Finley Danesh
Miya Ju'ein
Thorn Ak'rai

  • Andrinor's Firebrand

This black pencil sketch is an early draft of a more known colored pencil portrait of Miette Hartley by Grace Dane-Unuldur. Grace has signed it simply: My Mentor.

  • The Artist

This is one of the many self-portrait sketches done by Janur da Medican at his Mikona studio.

  • Ashes to Stars

This is a group portrait of some notable members of the Ashen Order of the Stars around the time the Ashen Archmage Navarra helps fend off the Plague in Elysia during The Second Fairy War. It is signed by Jand de la Fleur who can also be spotted in the picture, partly hidden behind Navarra.

Aleon Q'relin
Arlin Everwine
Bragir Huginstunge
Danicia Swifthand
Ialath Fentellon
Igor Nappovich
Navarra Dyaniera
Robert Wallace
Terricky Bendt
Timothea Imoth

On a single sheet of papyrus, a collection of head portraits by a more skilled hand, with numerous (and mostly sarcastic) annotations by Cor'Angelus Gengue.

Belaluldor Fereiwaluin
Elrandra Glyndorr
Hilde Meyldur
Ixldor Dakamour
Lomir Ma'fer
Maxinion Carnen
Quicksilver Meridan
Samuel G. Rowanbough
Sarrena Sunflower
Tinnimar Televani

  • Blood Brothers

This is one of Miriel's own inked sketches. Kalgar Darthvord and Amon Thul (better known under the name Whisper) stand on a hill overlooking Mayer Pass.

  • The Bouncy Castle

This inked sketch is clearly a work of love. It depicts a certain infamous estate in the outskirts of Elysia. On the frontline, arms laced around each other's waist, are Jadrienne Starfire, Amonien Amana, and Jillanae Maleficarum. Sitting at their feet is Archfarchnad Maleficarum. The scene is framed by a garland of flowers and bees. It is signed by Airinn Mal'vaers'il: "To Miriel, with Love".

  • Broken Mirror

An inked sketch by Miriel. The top and bottom half of the sheet is occupied by mugshots of the Ivory and Red Archmagi Tralil and Elyl. Look-alikes at a glance if not for their self-absorbed expressions, each hinting of a different inner turmoil.

  • The Cheese Party

One of Miriel's doodles, on the back of a Sentinel report draft regarding an insurgence at the Visimontium Cheese Caves. It depicts Serafin Nael'shaal and Rudoc the Sentinels Chef, both enthusiastically gesticulating around the big pot of Cheese Soup.

  • Comrades

Two ginger lads, a human and an elf, in Sentinel cloth uniform, stand embarassed at the doorway of the Visimontium Temple of Yeriah. This tempera painting is signed, "To Miriel from Mayina". The temple priestess has apparently kept Vanar Alhaldren and Selash nic'Arianrhod in place at least until she would finish the painting.

  • Curtain Falls

This is a gouache painting of Gurth Aep Ish'tarestacia and Rali'vinee Ish'tarestacia sitting on the front row of Mikona's Finest Playhouse. A hint of Rali's bright smile can be spotted in her brother's features. The painting is marked as "Commissioned by Raen" but otherwise unsigned.

  • Dame and Barbarian Prince

Ayslynne and Tor Varson in Zvidureth. Ink and watercolor by Airinn Mal'vaers'il.

  • Designer Drawings

This is a collection of designer clothing drawings which may not be immediately identifiable, if not for the tags under each sketch.

The first folder is named after the stars of Reverdie, Eric Buzzard and Adagio D'Tranticus. Each sketch is joined by tailoring measurements, the kind needed for the make of a full formal suit.

Another such designer drawing, though definitely less fancy than the aforementioned, is tagged for Thaylis Beign. It is based off the dress uniform of the M'Chekian Army's Blackhawk Company. A more daring variant of the same is marked as discarded.

A kimono design in a painstakingly detailed pattern of fire, ash, and liquid gold is designated to one Tyedu Shadow Walker.

An entire folder is dedicated to a fanciful lady's wardrobe design, accentuated by dark pastel pinks, ranging from adventurous costumes to classy yet sensual gowns. It is signed off to Shi'Erl.

  • Ebony and Ivory

Oorayv'levena and Nesara hold hands sitting at a table at Truely Sweets. The drawing is signed with a flourish by K.Z. It is far from a masterpiece. The author's hand has been shaking ... a lot.

  • Elemental Dragons

This is Miriel's own drawing in what could well be chalks. It depicts an ancient coal and bronze dragon near a waterfall. Miriel has added two names at the back of the vellum sheet, Obsidiakara & Nargulthonossor.

  • Ever Rains

The official wedding portrait of Sephira Everliss and Sylux Raynes.

  • Fair Winds

Sitting on the swing behind the Visimontium Orphanage and pushing the swing, respectively, are a pretty woman of human stature wearing an Ivory Order robe, and a scruffy dwarf in Sentinel plate: the Airbel family. The painting is signed by Frulamin Hawklight. It is signed by Cynthia and Vurbaren Airbel as well: "To Anderyn, Wherever He May Roam".

  • Familiar Faces

Two patrons of The Tipsy Wizard. One is a Green mage with a military haircut and the other a scruffy Ashen mage laughing his ass off at some joke that his table partner does not seem to understand. Miriel has signed the inked sketch and identified the scene makers:

Delnoth Evenhand
Jedetko Kell

  • The Finmaegen Ball

This quick sketch depicting a scene from a Finamegen charity ball bears obvious cartoon elements. On the foreground, Miriel is dancing with Dominator Magnus Khan. Other faces of the Order of Valok are displayed in the background, displaying various grimaces: concern, boredom, mild disdain. A flag curling above each head identifies them as Gotthardt Staahl, Jared Evershield and Seka Ravenswylde. Atop dragon wings spanning over the scene, is none other than the grinning face of Kaytza the High Priestess of Kelvos, the likely author of the doodle.

  • Forest Teachings

A pencil sketch signed by Tinker Harlan & labeled as a portrait of Delurion and Davillia.

  • Fountain of Life

Youth is returned to Divinia Cecil and Fergus Goodmane by the brush of Janur da Medican.

  • Friendly Branches

This drawing is ruined moreso than accentuated by a smattering of fairy dust. It is nevertheless duly labeled (in tiny letters of a pixie's hand size) Druantia and El'gos.

  • Healing Hands

A pencil portrait of an elf of ghastly complexion, clad in Cha'Reth's white and green. Titled "Ascension of Ere'n'dhl El'eash'al" by Sirion Be'litana.

  • Heart's Song

Arguably one of Miriel's best works. It is a watercolor painting of a dancing Fairy Maiden with bells tied to her ankles. The subject is Sher'Cha.

  • His Children

This stick figure drawing is likely a child's doing. The inscription on its back has been penned by Miriel's own hand, though. It reads:

Theo and Trey Briggs-Mennallin
Mennallin School of Visimontium

  • The Ice Witch

A graphite sketch of Kate Benneset sitting at The Rock, signed by Miriel.

  • Kissing Cousins

This is a drawing of a black-haired lad kissing the blossoming cheek of a stunning Elysian beauty. It is signed by Willem Lightheart. The suspects are easily recognizable to those who know them, as Willem's spouse Susallia Songbird and her cousin Veilan Waterlily.

  • Kiss and Run

Miriel has drawn a redhead dangling her legs off the back of a wagon at the caravan to Parsa. It reads: "Mailyn Starflower".

  • Knave and King

In this whimsical ink job, Angus Blacksail and Kurt Villainova charm the ladies of Mikona at Kero Tevez's bar. There is no signature but a nine digit number of coin inscribed on the back of it.

  • Lady and Brute

This is a pastel drawing of a shapely blonde and an orcblood brute. Airinn Mal'vaers'il has signed the painting but has not named those depicted. Even so, it is easy to recognize Aria Ashby and Ed.

  • Law and Order

This is a doodle on the back of a torn page of a book which could well be a volume on the M'Chekian legal system. The sword-up-the-arse face is duly labelled: "Rickus va'Alor, Holy Legate to the Church of Toran".

  • The Liasons

Two Ashen pocket mages, Coraline Clearwater and Marin Nemelgen, inspect the Coldshadow Village construction. Whoever has created this ink drawing is in possession of incredible skill.

  • Little Masters

A cartoon collection of bulbous and button noses, with a famous right sized name to each.















  • The Lone Hunter

Miriel's chalk depiction of the Githzerai hunter Ath'Nook Nekk'en. The two Illithid skulls Biir and Ikii, which he is known for carrying on his belt, are not represented.

  • The Loremistress

A painting by Red Lotus of the Ferrell Lorewarden Sun-and-Moon.

  • Lucky Coin

A painting of Zacharia FeatherFingers opening the Ferrell Trade Fair. As per the dedication on the bottom, it was originally intended for Lillith DuCoin. It is up to anyone's guess whether the latter ever beheld the portrait, or what it is doing in Miriel's possession.

  • Mage and Priestess

Miriel's depiction of the mage priestesses Ankhara al'Khalid and Rayna Na'Tanlynn performing the Ashen Rite.

  • Misplaced Childhood

Two adolescent Drangonari sit on a rooftop, forming smoke clouds into ships and dragons, not a care in the world. A note glued to the back of the painting suggests those are Ramiz Sii and his older brother Sinomi Sii. There is no author's signature to this one.

  • A Moment in Time

This unsigned pastel drawing is quite smudged but it still shows two female figures, one in white and blue, the other in green and black. Miriel has labelled the back of the drawing as "Shiranui'mai Ju'un and Te'noch Ju'un".

  • A Personal Distance

Krator Blackfist and Terra Swift exchange glances in passing at Elysia's Elf Gate. On the back of the drawing is the stamp of the Quartermistress to the Warrior Maidens's Visimontium storefront and her personal signature, Rellona Narulla. The drawing is thus identified as part of Rellona's stock but is otherwise unsigned.

  • The Philosophers

In front of the tower of the Luminous Order of the Mind, the Master Psions Straccio and Elladin sit at a pedestal chess table. The chess pieces are floating in the air. Whoever has created this ink drawing is in possession of incredible skill.

  • The Piano Massacre

A visibly inebriated Avariel in the robe of a mage of the Ebony Order of the Moon is torturing the piano at The Canvas reopening. painting is titled "Vilne Elor, by Morgon Damira".

  • A Shape of Things to Come

An inked sketch by Miriel. Auryna Ak'hanrye and Jalya Ak'hanrye standing by the rune pillar at Kitanya Hill. They look in different directions.

  • Sisters in Arms

This is Miriel's graphite depiction of two Shamans of Ra-Ghul, Savana and Sable Witt.

  • Stories Untold

This is a glimpse over two women whispering closely at the The Port Hole Inn's bar. Their elbows touch. The inscription under the drawing identifies them as Micah Elizabeth Ormane and Arania Alastaire-Alaster, although any likeness is sketchy at best. One would think that the author has hardly ever seen either of the two, the painting based off someone else's recollection of events.

  • Tales of Terror

Commissioned gouache paintings of three of the contestants at the Tales of Terror competition, held by the Visimontium Academy of Bardic Arts. Ashanar Sekor, Eldrea Addams and Leto von Elis.

  • Tangled Threads

This is a painting of Shawna Sor'Ben and Jenii Kim, commissioned by Da'emona. Jenii, a picture of health, raven hair falling heavily over her shoulder, stands tall with her hand on pale Shawna's shoulder. Visibly weak but smiling, Shawna is sitting in an armchair, well-poised for the painting. The setting for the painting appears to be Morgoth SorBen's Fine Threads.

  • The Tea Party

This inked sketch depicts a tea scene. Three very different elves sit atop a grassy hill near a waterfall. The drawing is signed by Miriel and has each personage named, left to right, Dust the Pilgrim, Hebrin the Dragon, Vesdrac the Golem.

  • The Thornberries

In terms of technical mastery, this is Miriel's best drawing. It depicts Shayra Thornberry, the traveling priestess of Berryn and Shayna, the Lorewarden to the Visimontium Library.

  • Time Flies

A portrait of Aerill Ailpera and Fealith Anifail breaking fast in front of The Plough and Scythe. Author unknown.

  • True Blue

Sweet Dela and sour Vana sorting books at The Azure Arcanist. This inked sketch is signed by Miriel.

  • Valiant Heart

This bust painting displays a young man of ogrish features, most notably a chipped tooth, smiling serenely. He is clad in platemail commonly issued to the Aspirants of the Order of Gorethar. The painting is unsigned but a ribbon inscription identifies the subject: One Baloth Half-Tusk.

  • Waterfool

A painting of Eudaimon Dawnblade at The Moon Tree distillery's bar in Blandenberg. It looks like one of Kandi's artworks. Might as well not be.

  • The Wayward

This is a portrait of elven siblings with striking blue-green eyes and red hair. It is signed by Rabiah Endymion, with an inscription by Miriel identifying the pair.

Elong von'Along (Elong Singalong)
Oevard von'Along (Unen Yana)

  • Weapon Masters

In this inked sketch, the Sentinels' Supervisor Halaniel Carian fist-bumps Deputy Julian Montfort after a sparring match.

  • Well I Never

In this inked sketch, the siblings Aiquandol Orener and Anyamaur Orener are quarreling on a plummeting airship over the burning city of Tel. Likely Miriel's handiwork.

  • Wemic Tails

Kish'ti and Mhog'ar, painted by Findail Silaureth on their wedding day.

  • White Wings

Another drawing by Sirion Be'litana. Rune Amanta and Shannen Di'rithia look out the gateway to Apara Thorpe. Their wings touch.

  • The Xilo'rulithii

An anonymous portrait of the infamous Drangonari brothers, standing shoulder to shoulder.

Aurelinis'liandu Xilo'rulithii
Aman'dul Xilo'rulithii