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Julian Montfort

Race: Human

Place of Origin: The City of Andarr, The Seven Cities

Class: Fighter / Rogue / Weapon Master

Player: deejayvee


Julian knows little of his early life. His knowledge begins from the age of three when his father's ship docked in Andarr and he was met by a woman and a small boy she claimed was his.

Julian in his red and black armour

That boy was Julian and he found himself growing up on a merchant ship, spending most of his time at sea. When not at sea they rarely saw more than the port district of the city they traded in. The ship, named the Ebony Daughter, was co-owned by Julian's father, Rogner, and his uncle Elfron.

Between the time when Rogner first met Julian's mother and when he first met Julian, he had begun a family with the ship's cook, Geema. They had a daughter, Eekatra, who is Julian's half-sister.

Life at sea presented Julian with a somewhat worldly view from travelling the world, but also quite a naive one from having actually seen next to none of it.

The need to defend the ship from pirates meant Julian started learning the sword while quite young. He never felt quite so happy as when he was swinging a sword, not from bloodlust mind, but from the strength and confidence it gave him.

After growing up travelling to various cities and hearing tales of brave heroes and adventurers, Julian decided to leave his father's ship when it docked in Mikona so he could live there and make a name for himself. He has dreams of mastering the sword, including their creation.

Since joining the army Julian has been writing letters to his father

Julian ready to fight for M'Chek


Since arriving in Mikona Julian has joined the Brotherhood of Free Blades, a mercenary guild organised by Blake Benneset, enlisted in the M'Chekian Army (joining the Blackhawk company), joined the The Fury of Ra-Ghul and has begun the process of joining the A.A.A.A.

The Army

Julian joined the army after he found many of his friends had. While not a natural soldier, Julian could see that the army offered an excellent way for him to make a name for himself in Mikona.

Julian has performed well in his duties for the army. Recently he was awarded the Copper Eagle Medal for his services in the campaigns to claim the underdark for M'Chek. He volunteered to help out in the Public Relations department, although his focus is still on combat. Recently, he was promoted to the rank of corporal.

Julian ready to worship Ra-Ghul
The Fury of Ra-Ghul

While Julian initially had no interest in matters of a divine nature, he has witnessed much since arriving in Mikona and has begun to change his tune. He has been keeping company with followers of Maleki and Ra-Ghul, although he has expressed a preference for Ra-Ghul, and has been discussing joining the faith with his followers.

After further contact with the followers of Ra-Ghul it became obvious that the philosophy of Ra-Ghul was very compatible with Julian's own philosophies and he impressed Ra-Ghul followers such as Whisper and Yular who invited him to join The Fury of Ra-Ghul. This he has now done and can be seen walking around Mikona in red and black armour, when not in his army uniform.