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Blake Benneset (born 2135 A.O.D.), a human rogue, was one of Mikona's many penniless minor nobles.

As of the late 2100's, Blake has not been seen in many years, and is presumed dead. Those possessions not left with his wife were pawned by the proprietor of Noble Flair to cover the back rent on his room. Statistics shown here were accurate at the time of his disappearance.

Race: Human (M'Chekian)
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Residence: Mikona, Noble Flair Inn
Known Affiliations:
Known Former Affiliations:
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To a non-human, Blake was hard to spot in a crowd, with his medium brown hair, and average height and build; only his unusual grace of movement set him apart. While in civilization, his clothes changed with his mood, especially since his wife was a seamstress.


When hunting or scouting, Blake favored gray and black padded armor. He always carried a pair of enchanted short blades which he called "Diplomacy" and "Murder" - evidence of his ironic sense of humor. These possessions were lost to civilization with Blake's demise.


The Bennesets made most of their living as gem wholesalers, but dabbled in other commerce to supplement it. With military training from the M'Chekian Army, the Equalizers of Mikon, and the Order of Gorethar, and private tutoring as a fencer, Blake sometimes worked as a mercenary. He proved valuable at removing obstacles, either with a sword or more subtle tool.

In his latter years, Blake gravitated toward the shelves of Mikona's Great Library and the Avlis Tower University, two of his childhood haunts. He was seen researching a variety of topics, with no immediate obvious connection.


Once a distinguished family with a seat in the Noble House of government, the Bennesets fell into decline in the last century. The rest of the family relocated to Andarr, but Blake remained behind, hoping to start a new period of prosperity in Mikona.

Blake relaxes at Fort Karr

To this end, Blake married his long-time travelling companion, Kate. Their life together started brightly, in a well-attended Mikonite ceremony. But while they were devoted to one another and often seen together, there was evidence of the "Benneset curse" haunting them with hardship. In a symbolic act of perseverance, the two determined to buy back the ancestral manor in Mikona, and make their fortune there. But only Kate the widow would remain to reside in the refurbished home.


A Mikonite by family tradition, Blake valued Mikon's respect for diversity, and central role as gatekeeper of Avlis against the other gods. Other deities he expressed curiosity about included Forian, Senath, The'ton, Vorin, and Xenon.


Like most of his family, Blake entered politics at an early age. He joined the Golden Path, working with its founders, Kered Rose and the late Dala Wennen, to fulfill his ambition. As the Golden Path's membership waned, he moved on to work (unsuccesfully) as in independent diplomat. He announced his candidacy when a seat opened in the Common House, but withdrew when he had to choose between his political and military service. He long regarded Common Housewoman Moira Windspar as a mentor. He showed interest in working for M'Chek's Noble House, a goal which was not fulfilled.

Blake bow hunting


Aside from his wife and political mentors mentioned above, Blake had a number of associates he worked with on a semi-regular basis. Some of these included Paco Di Brancaleone, Arn Callindraes, Suki Darkstar, Kima Datter, Rolan Fyne, Aidric Glimerblade, Brent Hammer Hand, Hubris, Gurth Istar, Melia Jarlin, Julian Montfort, Alia Moonstone, Caitlin Swift and Tevez.


Blake joked that his greatest adventures could never be told. When in his cups, he would relax into tall tales of shipwrecks, plundering the Kurathene Imperial Vaults, acquiring antiques from rival M'Chekian noble houses, infiltrating secret societies, and descending from Vasharan ancestors.

He took part in some publicly documented events, including these.

  • The Sacking of Jack's Shack, wherein a brownie uprising was put down, and Blake tasted firsthand the magic that creates the dreaded dire chicken.