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User:Xenophile has been awarded the Wiki Gnome award, for being really active in both writing content and maintainance.

--Krator 11:54, 28 Jul 2006 (GMT)

Characters: Blake Benneset

Timezone: GMT -7

Times available to schedule events:

Tue-Sat 0100 to 0500 GMT (Mon-Fri 1800 to 2200 PST)
Sat, Sun 1500 to 0500 GMT (Sat-Sun 0800 to 2200 PST)

Mostly active on: Mikona, Wilderness

Contact: PM xenophile

RPG Geek Cred

  • Started PnP D&D in 1981... showin' my age
  • Played in one of Len Lakofka's campaigns
  • Computer RPG's from Wizardry, Zork and Bard's Tale, through NWN, SWG and WoW
  • Went to Comic-Con once (but only to visit my friend's booth and go to the parties, so you might not be convinced)
  • Computer science degree - not RPG related, but c'mon, it screams geek


I'm married to a med student, and we live in a '50's suburb in Southern California. I'm a "business systems analyst" at a local college (mostly support PeopleSoft, but also do a little web design and system adminstration). In my free time, I like to hike, see friends' bands play, or work on my house.

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