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Aidric Glimerblade

Not much is known about Aidric's past and he will seldom openly talk about it. Aidric grew up in Mikona and spent much of his time developing his swordmanship skills there.

Glimerblade is not his family name, it was a trade name he picked up early on in his (much younger) mercenary days in a vain attempt to make a name for himself. Now adays, he is somewhat embarrased by the flamboyance of it, but like his sword, it is a part of him he keeps by his side nevertheless.

Aidric has mentioned that he spent some time as a child in a slavers camp and that he escaped with the help of a kindly priest of O'Ma. He has been devoted to O'Ma ever since. It has also been mentioned that his human father was a swordman of some note in M'Chek who he tries to emulate. Aidric never talks about his mother and it seems to be a sore subject when brought up.

While quick with the blade, Aidric is much quicker to draw a pint of ale and drink amongst friends. Aidric spends much of his time in Elysia chating away with friends at Elf Gate. However, he has been know to disappear for months at a time traveling or refocusing himself on his swordmanship. You just never know where he might turn up next...