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Appearance and Manner

Elendor has brown hair which glints slightly red under bright light, usually cut short but sometimes tangling around his shoulders (depending on how much time he's been spending in the forest). His eyes are also brown, but flecked with orange which often makes them twinkle.

To Elves he probably looks mostly human apart from the ears and facial structure, to Humans his short cut hair accentuates his slightly Elven features. Sometimes he can switch from looking completely human to completely Elven depending on the light/a tilt of the head but he is mostly unaware of this.

Elendor is not tall, perhaps 170 cm odd and this is subtly reinforced by his unassuming and generally quiet manner, especially in a large group. Among a smaller group or with friends he is much more engaging. One on one, even with strangers he smiles often and easily, trying to put the other person at ease as much as possible. He believes in judging people based on his own experiences and not on their past.

He is almost always in Green Order robes, with a pipe tucked away somewhere. A pseudodragon often sits on his shoulder or circles the sky above.

He is not perhaps classically good looking, but he has a sort of rough charm that is helped by his ready smile. His Nanshilae is broken but with decent pronunciation, he will sometimes slip Nanshilae words into his sentences but usually in such a way that the grammar doesn't make much sense...

Friends and Affiliations

While generally being friendly, El doesn't have many friends he considers close, apart from Estarriol his pseudodragon.

Elendor is a member of the Green Order of the Forest and treats every member as his friend, almost family. Even here though he struggles a little with the forward nature of some of the members, preferring the company of younger or quieter members.

El is a Journeyman of the AKN, he can whip up a potion or bandage and has a keen eye for spotting useful plants and ingredients. He doesn't devote enough time to the theoretical aspect though and thus will probably never advance to Master rank.

Apart from the Green, those he considers friends (or looks up to) include: Hebrin Maul, Miriel Hana, Arania Moonshadow, Malulani jael MacMurray.