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Frulamin Hawklight
Race: Human
Classes: Bard/Psion
Guild affiliations: Roe'Que Open Trade Enterprises (ROTE)

Luminous Order of the Mind

Avlis Carpentry Enterprises (ACE)

Most active on server: Frulamin now lives in Ferrell.

He can also often be found in Elysia and T'Nanshi.

Contact: Leave a message

Some facts about Fru your character might have heard about, or learned while talking to Fru. Your call how much your character actually knows.


Fru, as most of his friends call him, is a good-looking or handsome (depending on the definition) young human of average height. He's not especially lean or muscular, but his appearance shows he's used to manual labor. He typically wears a friendly smile or grin on his face. In a crowded place he would vanish into the crowd if not for his peculiar style of clothing and his white cloak adorned with green notes.


Originally from Springstone, a tiny village south of Elysia, he left for Elysia to learn more about carpentry. There he joined ACE around the year 2229. In Elysia he was also taught how to play the lute by a Halfling bard, complimenting his own singing and starting off his own bardic career.

Shortly after the invasion of Elysia by the Shaahesk Fru discovered his psionic abilities and joined the Luminous Order, tutored by Evelynn and Glenda, close friends of his. Around this time his relationship with Eve has its roots as well and the two can often be seen wandering together. After the Shaahesk invasion Fru has been traveling more and more, spending much time in T'Nanshi, and Ferrell. He can also be seen in Deglos and Mikona from time to time. He befriended Gurky on his travels and eventually became a junior partner of ROTE Ferrell. These days he has stepped back from adventuring a bit, citing a tiredness of war and killing, and spends much of his time teaching his apprentices as well as anyone else who will ask at ROTE.

Fru has also been responsible for the revival of the MMM in 2231. Together with Arania and Sher'cha he is trying to establish it as a regular event again. Lately he has started a series of workshops about the bardic arts, and held those in the Visimontium Orphanage and the temple of Sune on Hala.

Fru has become an experienced planeswalker who regularly explores foreign places and coordinates. He's also mapped a few of them.

Fru's songbook

Fru is by now a well known bard, he is always willing to discuss the bardic arts with anyone who might be interested. He has taken an interest in retelling old stories his grandfather used to tell him as a kid too. Fru and his songs have had some exposure. Any of the following might be known to your character:

Fru's Songbook