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Findail Silaureth

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At a Glance

Age: ~190 years

Gender: Male

Race: Half-Elf / Half-Nymph

Occupation: Bard, Carpenter and part-time Archaeologist

Religion: Dru'El

Birthplace: Le'Or T'Nanshi

Residence: Elysia

Affiliations: Guildmaster, A.C.E.

Contact: Findail currently occupies the guildmaster quarters at the ACE guildhall to the north of Elf Gate. Leave any messages for him with Sharah, the sales girl.

Findail Silaureth

The Particulars

Description: An elf of slight build, with blond hair and deep green eyes. Strikingly handsome and oddly compelling, almost as if something in his features hints at blood other than elvish. A thin, hairline scar runs from the back corner of his right eye to the hinge of his jaw. Often seen in form-fitting sexy red pants, with no shirt.

Personality: Findail is a naturally happy individual, with a carefree attitude about most things. Everyone is his friend until they prove otherwise, or unless they have absolutely no fashion sense. He often whistles, hums or sings while he walks, and the majority of the songs that he has written deal with humorous -- though sometimes cutting -- topics like wemic tails and men in dresses. He is a law-abiding citizen, when the laws make sense; for the most part, he's sure that laws were created for the folks that just don't know what the right thing is to do. Fortunately, he's not one of those folks.

  • Likes: Women, songs, wine, wemics, clothes and bright colors
  • Dislikes: Verossans, gnolls, Tall Diamun and mean people in general

Friends & Acquaintances

Findail is so friendly that he sometimes finds it confusing that others don't want to immediately reciprocate. However, in a world full of friends, he has several that he considers particularly close enough to even consult for fashion advice.

  • Mhog'ar: Findail and Mhog'ar both arrived in Elysia at about the same time, and spent many years getting into various misadventures. While duties and responsibilities may limit their time together now, this large, furry wemic was the inspiration for such songs as The Wemic's Tail and Pride and Mhog continues as one of Findail's closest friends. Mhog's marriage to Kish'ti and her joining the guild have cemented her as part of Findail's "wemic family."
  • Kisri: ACE Enforcer and all-around tough girl, Findail relied on Kisri to balance out his carefree attitude when it comes to running the guild. Her death struck him hard, and took some of the playfulness from his soul, giving him a slightly harder edge.
  • Havian: Former guildmaster of ACE, Havian was long a role model and continues to be the mentor of Findail, possessing qualities that Findail feels he lacks, such as discipline and the toughness to make hard decisions.
  • Shard & Freroim: Findail has burned hours and hours in the company of the Loremaster and Quartermaster of ACE, discovering new items, discussing guild future and just having a good time all-around. The passing of Shard had much the same effect on Findail as the passing of his dear friend Kisri.
  • Faeldridge: This halfling also arrived in Elysia at about the same time as Findail, and the two of them got into more trouble than Dru'El'ites in a wine shop. Their view on life is so similar that they often complete each other's sentences.

The list goes on and on, with other notables such as Aeveras, Alexyzar, Alphonse, Amywiethiel, Da'emona, Day, Jordaine, Kard, Klein, Naieth, Narwë, Nesara, Ruby and many, many more.

Findail's Journal

The songbook to the left occassionally turns up at taverns and other random locations around Elysia, evidently misplaced by its owner. Rumor has it that he's actually had to pay to get it back several times, usually in beer or wine. Those who have had a look at it get a view of a colorful hand-written cover followed by several pages of songs with notes in green ink all over the pages and many more blank pages at the back.