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Full Name: Ruby
Age: 100 years
Race: Avariel
Gender: Female
Religion: Yeraiah
Birthplace: Not known to her
Current Residence: Elysia

Jechran, a place where females have a higher status then men in the society. Ruby was raised there in one of the tribes the land is rich. Though a lot of big tribes excist, Ruby's tribe is small, compared to the others. Dre'ana, recognized by every tribe, is not the main god for Ruby's tribe. Before the great war there was an other goddess called Yeraiah that helped the females to survive and learned them the ways of strenght, feminity and the earth. In the tribe she lived, her sister, her mom and dad and ofcourse she were the only Avariels there. In her younger years Ruby would be teased alot because of her wings, people making chicken sounds. Her sister Sapphire would hit them in the face, but Ruby herself not. She has always been the more quiet, shy and sweet one of the two. Till one day she got enough of it and accedently casted the spell known as lightning bolt on someone's ass. From that day on she never got teased again. On one of her first days in LeOr she met Elyl. She got encouraged to learn more about her powers, that she never used before. At this moment she is a member of the Ivory order, and she hopes that she learns to use her powers for the greater good and help people.

As a female Ruby started to learn the ways of Yeraiah. And finally after 20 years of study she was ready to go to Visimontium and seek the shrine of Yeraiah. She found it, but there was no priesteress around to offer her her holy robes. Till one night, she was sitting at the shrine, telling the story of Yeraiah to her friend Karna'yeriath when a star crossed the sky from the east to the west. The shrine started glowing and she sat on her knees praying. Yeraiah spook to her: ,, follow the star my daughter." She followed the star that led to a lake. There in the middle of it was a temple. In the temple there was indeed a priesteress. She looked at Ruby and smiled at her, telling her that she has dreamed of her. Ruby suprised received her holy robes..

After a lot of events, saving Lensoa from mind flayers, blowing up half a cropfield when she wanted to get rid of the rats, getting to see her mom and sister again, who she thought were dead, she found something new on her path.

When she was in visimontium she ran into a white mage that turned into a wild mage. Ruby (who always mixes up things and doesnt really know what she does 90 % of the time) saw an excelent change to help the orders and write a book about wild magic. To do this she wishes to study this phenomenon. Her old friend Elyl, who is a red mage now, sended her a message to help her out with this.

Hopefully she can help her order understanding more of the wild magic, safe the forest of Visimontium from its downfall, and make her mother even more proud.. But isnt this a lot for a little shy Avariel like herself?