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Name: Narwë
Race: Elf
Profession: Songstress and priestess of Dagath
Songs made by Narwë

Description: First impression: A small, pale elven woman with fiery-red hair and piercing green eyes. She looks young, yet not quite so. There is a dignified, formal and imperious air about her. Yet she acts friendly, informally, with great tolerance. Her voice is musical, singing. Her speech deliberate, precise and educated, yet gentle. Her friendly, perhaps motherly, demeanor somehow fails to convey any sensation of emotion, however.

A closer look: Small of stature even for an Elf. Petite one might say. Her features are sharp, angled, yet somehow etheral; most lively though are he irridescent green eyes piercing through those she speaks to. Greater in beauty than almost everyone else, elf or not, it is difficult to define exactly how she is so. Perhaps it is more her presence, a sense of substance, and not just looks that turns the eyes

Her skin is very pale - an impression of translucency is about her, as typical of an elf of advanced age. Yet there are no signs of age or poor health. Her hair is firey red; given proper lighting, she truly does appear flame-like.

Centuries may be upon her, but the years have made little impression upon her features. One might mistake her for a young elf at first. That notion is quickly betrayed by her demeanor, which conveys the wisdom and knowing ways only centuries of experience can impress upon a person. Also, a careful look reveals that she seems to be slightly fading - as if not fully a part of this world. Any elf, or person with much knowledge of the elven lifecycle, knows that this is a sign of aging. Elves do not (necessarily) develop grey hair or wrinkles as they age - in fact after they reach physical - if not social - maturity around age 25-30, it can be difficult to determine an Elf's age by her looks.(See Races of the Wild for more information). Her true age is uncertain; she has claimed to stop counting at 200, but there are indications that signifficant time passed between that time, and that of her entering the stage of the Southlands, just before the great plague in Elysia during the M'Chek- T'Nanshi-war. Somewhere between 300-400 might be a reasonable estimate. However little she cares about (knowing?) her true age, she is not above using her advanced years to bash down some impertinent youth.

Clothing An artist and performer at heart, neither clothing nor the colours she wears are left to chance. She prefers her clothing pertinent to the situation, exquisitely made, well-matched, well-kept, cleaned and pressed with great care. Not satisfied with looking good, Narwë's clothing usually carries a message or ten - some plainly stated, others exceedingly subtle. Common to most her apparrel are argent (silver, white and greys), red (usually a deep crimson or ruby), and gold. The symbolism of Dagathian faith is surpremely evident, but seldom the only thing she communicates.

An example: White for most people carries associations like good, order, light, truth and purity. Healing, reverence, dignity and peace have also been tied to white. Frequently wearing whites, many assume that Narwë is associated with such values, and frequently acts like she is. It's not untrue. However, one should never forget that white represents such things as age, snow, cold, and, death.

Narwë's most frequently used clothes are: A formal dress snow-white and silver grey, with crimson and silver decorations. A snow-white cloak with gold trim and crimson lining. White staff. Her message? - A priestess of Dagath. Serious, dignified, formal. A healer first, a councellor who cares not just of people's souls in the afterlife, but their well-being in life. Still, an instrument of Dagath's will. The crimson speaks of the blood she has lost, and that she has shed; she is a bringer of death, and inquisitor, one who will purify the sinful like gold in the furnace. The good and just healer, the diplomat, the ruthless executor. She is all in one package. And remind those around her about these facts not by words, but by simple ways of clothing. With Narwë, one should always think twice about about one's assumptions of her and what she conveys.

Behaviour: If there is a constant as to how Narwë acts at all times, it is the lack of consistent behaviour. Depending on mood, activities, or people around her, she fluctuates between opposing modes of conduct. There are some trends, however:

The one major tendency is that of underexpression. The most outstanding performance may be complimented as "decent" or "as expected" if it's someone she already know has great talent. Excruciating pain will be shrugged off as "unpleasant". Truly blissful moments are "pleasing" or "not disappointing". More often there is a critique, however minor, rather than a praise. For this reason, the smallest compliment from her carries a great weight; an actual show of disappointment likewise can feel devastating for those who know her well. Thus, any feelings she might have are rarely displayed - usually, she retains an emotionless expression, and acts calml and dignified, expressing herself using a minimum of movement, using subtle variations of the intonation of her voice instead. Even when she does let her lips form a smile,it rarely extends to her eyes, which are a cold green, always serious, always inquisitive.

This may change to the opposite among those she know well. People she takes a special liking to will find her kind, warm, and helpful - but not without the occasional corrective remark. And as always, there is a flip side for her enemies, who may find her cold, unforgiving, zealotous and even cruel. And when engaging in her songweaving and other bardic performances, the full width of her emotional repertoire will be apparent. Whether any display of emotion is real, or merely an act is impossible to know; the unexpected is to be expected.

When action is required, she acts effectively, but again usually without seeming to carry any emotions. As always, this is something that may quickly change, and she may become both adventurous and even reckless, relishing in combat, destruction and death.

Once upon a time, Narwë used to collect drinks. She maintained a huge collection of drinks, including all the major labels in Avlis, in addition to rare or off-world specialties. Though she has tired of the collecting, if asked there might still be a recommendation for a drink for a given occasion, even if her magic bags no longer hold a few hundred at all times just to bring up the right drink for anyone who need one.