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Vilne Elor
Race: Avariel
Classes: Wizard
Most active on server:
Mikona / Underdark
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Vilne Elor is an avariel wizard currently serving the Ebony Order of the Moon as the Great Mage of Relations. Living in Mikona at the Canvas, he spends much of his time there, sifting through scrolls and tomes while sipping on brandy all the while. It is a rare sight to behold when he is not in the robes of the Ebony, as he seems to take little seriously but the Order's progress as well as his own arcane studies.

Occasionally rude and absorbed in his own affairs, Vilne can be terse and inconsiderate of what others are thinking, particularly if they proffer opinions on ways in which he is an evil being when they hardly know them. This supposed morality annoys him to no end, even when he could hardly care what the opinions of others are. It also opens a path for one of his favorite past times of arguing, which he does for sport more than out of spite.

As a matter of principle (relating only to the few principles remaining), Vilne will generally not betray someone with an intimate knowledge of him, that is to say they possess some secret or another that might put him in dire straights at some point, unless he is sure that they'll end up a cold corpse without a chance of return to the Prime Material from whatever afterlife it is that claims them...or he's able to kick them into the Styx.

Quite possibly a drunk.

The Beginning

Wizardly studies

"It is the duty of a true mage to better the premium of life with the fruits of his studies. The mark of a great wizard is not measured in the power of his magics, but in their ability to empower the lives of those around him."
- Bolaniel Lani

Born in Drotid near the ruins of Toostan-of-the-Clouds, Vilne quickly learned the hazards of rash action and has carried those lessons with him ever since. Son of the roguish pair of Ilsa and Nidreh, Vilne rejected their attempts to teach him their trade and instead earned apprenticeship to a wizard traveling with the small band of avariel.

His Master, Bolaniel Lani, was an aging wizard of no outstanding skill with firmly held beliefs on what magic should be used for and also what types of magic should be shunned. At times adamant in denying Vilne knowledge of certain magic, Bolaniel would war to the extent of his will to keep the boy from learning what he considered a largely evil school of the arcane, necromancy. Arguments continued at length between the two as the old wizard tried to teach the boy the fundamentals of arcane, lecturing at length on the basics and slowly teaching Vilne to recognize the runes of magya. Eventually, a compromise was reached and Vilne would be taught necromancy on the condition that he gave himself to the worship of a god that was opposed to undead, one of the common evils wrought by necromancy. Vilne was quick to accept the offer, though he stretched the compromise by applying himself as a follower of the Rebirth Order of Dagath’s faithful.

While irked that the boy had chosen a deity with no firm stance against the undead, the fact that the Order of Rebirth was largely opposed to the existence of the creatures did enough to settle the disquiet that Vilne’s interest in necromancy had created. Bolaniel made sure that Vilne was keeping with his end of the bargain, always keeping an eye on the boy. Vilne was eventually allowed to study that portion of the arcane that was previously denied to him after a year of being made to wait. Vilne gradually gained more and more interest in necromancy which was in turn made even greater by the wait. With much time having passed, he found himself desiring more and more of it and took to stealing away his Master’s spell book while Bolaniel slept to lightly trace the runes of some spell or another.

As Vilne was gaining enough Mastery to produce cantrips with ease, Bolaniel forbade his student further study of his favored school, necromancy, thinking it to be having an unwholesome effect on him. No longer a boy by any standard and thinking himself above such restrictions, Vilne warred against and took whatever sparse moments he had out from under the eye of his Master to engross himself in his favored studies, often sneaking away from camp to find a free moment.

Though one day, Vilne was found by Bolaniel, who swore an end to his studies and Apprenticeship. This fight was short lived, as a small party of kobolds managed to sneak up on the pair while they distracted themselves. Luckily, Bolaniel was able to drive them off while suffering only small injuries to himself and largely alive. Vilne, however, was still in a towering rage and would not all his years of study to have been in vain. He drew his dagger and quickly cut his former Master's throat before grabbing up the dying wizard's spell book and running back to the camp. Even today, he will still tell of Bolaniel's death at the hands of kobolds, as he initially felt a great deal of guilt and shame over the act.