Amin liy llie

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By Rali'vinee

In Drangonari:

Amin liy llie

~ Amin liy llie, amin xilo,

~ amin corm naa kuile ten' en' llie.

~ Ta naa beleg ent anwa, ent a valin ialysh.

~ Ta sii' darns, tens, lams ent sints

~ tanya llie quenat naa n' anted nesh amin nae darn tanya llie naa sinome,

~ tanya llie ooma naa n' anted nesh amin nae ten llie hinual nae amin corm,

~ tanya elye i' din air naa quanta en' lind ten' llie liy amin.

~ Llie anto, llie miqul Amin lam ta ten'oio,

~ leha llie miqul nae amin corm naa i' ere lisse' Amin lam sii',

~ ent irm nesh faer amin quarlani.

~ Llie quant amin coia faer salohs:

~ sha ent luth ent i' yesta en' nats,

~ ilod, amrun, seasa ent ur.

~ Llie liy naa i' ar saloh en' ilya nae cael

~ ent sii' Amin saloh nae llie, manka llie uum mern ta Nesh vee' an vee' llie mern ta,

~ amin corm, amin quarlani, ent amin beth

~ tanya llie cael neh ant nae del quin oio na ereb

~ ten' amin corm ent llie corm naa enna


Line by line translation to Common:

I love you

~ I love you, my petal

~ my heart is awake because of you.

~ It is mighty and real, and a happy smile.

~ It now sees, hears, tastes and knows

~ that your body is not needed for me to see that you are here,

~ that your voice is not needed for me to hear you speak to my heart,

~ that even the silent air is full of music because you love me.

~ Your mouth, your kiss, I taste it forever,

~ but your kiss to my heart is the only sweet I taste now,

~ and desire for with my soul.

~ You fill my life with gifts:

~ trust and power and the beginning of things,

~ hope, morning, pleasure and heat.

~ Your love is the greatest gift of all to have,

~ and now I gift to you, if you do want it for as long as you want it,

~ my heart, my soul, and my word

~ that you have no need to worry or ever be alone

~ because my heart and your heart are one.