Artifacts of Avlis

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Artifacts of Avlis

The Amulet of Najera, a demi-lich's necklace.

Andrinor's Embrace

The Black Dagger, a dagger used by the Supreme in creating Avlis.

The Blade of Confuzzlement, a Confounder's rapier.

CothrochtFairboch (Justice Bringer), a hammer blessed by Gorethar.

Elenya's Singing Sword, a gnome-forged greatsword.

Eroohakeeshen'ath (The Longbow of Wrath), a holy weapon of Dru'El.

The Eternal Spark, Avlis' most magical artifact.

The Hammer of Lithandiel, forged to oppose the demi-lich Najera.

Hirefya Lonovan (The Winter Leaf), an enchanted elvish blade.

Horaga'hooseh (The Slayer of Darkness), a holy longsword of Dru'El.

Le'Athyed'Dru'El (The Wrathful Hand of Dru'El), a holy war hammer.

The Murderblade, an unholy shaahesk blade.

The Sceptre of Insubstantiality, an artifact of unknown origin.

The Staff of Najera, a demi-lich's weapon.

The Sword of Fury, a weapon touched by Ra-Ghul.