Sceptre of Insubstantiality

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The Scepter of Insubstantiality is a device that the Sereg'wethrin stole from an ancient coal dragon. This artifact has the power to make its users insubstantial, allowing them to pass through solid matter. The Sereg'wethrin used this often to breach Mikona's walls and spread terror. Obviously, it has restricted use, as only small groups of Sereg'wethrin have been able to use it this way, while they were forced to march their larger assault forces to M'Chek by the usual routes, including underdark tunnels. The artifact has a serious drawback in that its effects are powered by energy drawn from the person who it is used on, probably draining or tainting part of their life force in the process. It is undoubtedly harmful if not deadly to the recipients of its effects. Prolonged use of the scepter's effect results in a continued disconnect of the perceived cohesion of reality which ultimately leads to complete insanity. The Scepter is currently held in the Sereg'wethrin capitol city, deep in the underdark.