Avlis Campaign 1, Part 6

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Campaign Title Part
Avlis Campaign 1 The "Jade" Campaign Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Avlis Campaign 2 The West End of Time Part 1, 2, 3, 4
Avlis Campaign 3 Vanoviel and The Godslayer Part 1
Avlis Campaign 4 Rune Quest Part 1, 2
Avlis Campaign 5 The Western Underdark Part 1, 2, 3
Avlis Campaign 6 Daggerspace N/A

Chapter 14

With their arrival on Elysium, O'ma and Angadar began to prepare for Valok's invasion. While they were readying themselves, O'ma spoke to them about retrieving the "Godslayer" from his fortress. Just then a horrified look came over the deity's face. He seemed to be searching for something in his mind that he was unable to find. After a short time he announced a change of plans. The sceptre had been stolen at the most inopportune moment. He did not know who did it, but just then it was too late to ponder because Valok made his appearance. He hastily bid the heroes to find the sceptre.

Chaos broke loose at that point. Angadar and O'ma transformed into their true energetic forms and attacked the invader. Servants of O'ma followed their leader into battle against the hoardes of devils that came with Valok.

As the battle started, Andrinor remembered his conversation with Angadar previously about the Negerai tome that would enable him to take control of the Vortex of Mortal Magic. He recited an incantation from the tome that cut his mental link to Angadar, who was too busy to notice. Then he started the ritual for control of the Vortex. As he strained through the incantations, his concentration nearly broke several times, but he managed to hold on. As the gods fought above him, he utilized their energies in his spell, and finally after a long hard recitation, the ritual was complete. At first he did not feel any different. But then there were some changes. His body started to feel like a small confining shell from which he needed to break free. His consciousness expanded at the speed of light... it was almost too much to bear. But then the transformation culminated: Andrinor's body exploded in a brilliant flash of light... but he was not destroyed.

In his new energetic form, Andrinor was free. He was able to contemplate thousands of tasks at once, and he had total control over the vortex and all magic emanating from it. He even felt the presence of a new vortex, which was not under his control. This one was the magical source for all of the gods.

His revelations were cut short however when he felt an irresistable pull. Confused, he tried to resist, but he was unable to halt himself from being sucked into a large portal that opened up near him. When he was taken through, the landscape was changed. He found himself in a cavernous land of gorges, canyons, and fiords.... Ysgard. The land where he stood was an island floating on a huge river made of earth. He got the feeling that this island was to be his new home, and it was his to shape.

Meanwhile back on Elysium, the battle raged on. The heroes were riveted by what just happened to their comrade. Only Orianna knew the complete story of what happened, and Jade filled in the rest. Once that was settled, the heroes decided they need to go find the sceptre.

This was only a momentary notion, for immediately after two minions of Valok arrived. They were Pit Fiends, among his top aides, and one of them was carrying the sceptre with an eye on O'ma. The heroes knew that if that fiend was allowed to hit O'ma it would be disastorous. So the entire force of heroes lashed out immediately.

They had an advantage at first, for the fiends' backs were turned towards the deific battle overhead. This gave Orianna a clear shot at the head fiend's back, which got its attention and made it turn around. The other fiend soon turned and a fight broke out.

After taking a hit from a fireball thrown by the main fiend, the party advanced. Ari charged the fiend and hit it with her sword. Jade casted a spell to speed up the heroes movements enabling Vanoviel to rush in full throttle and attack. The attack was executed from behind the fiend after she jumped clear over it, and it devastated it. Tupaia lended some other magical support while the fighters finished it off. This took a large toll on them however because the fiend fought with sceptre, tooth, claw, wing and tail. The other fiend did the same, in addition to hurling magic into the fray. One such spell slammed into Vanoviel and was negated by her sword. Eventually, the fiends fell one by one, and Van snapped up the sceptre. With the help of her ring, she jumped high into the air and swung into Valok's shimmering field of energy.

A wave in Valok's energy rippled outward from the impact. Inside their heads, the heroes heard a terrible scream, and a few seconds later Valok's form winked out of existence... back to his home plane. All of his minions immediately retreated.

Calm once again reigned over Elysium. O'ma turned his attention to the heroes and thanked them. Angadar did the same, and then he immediately set out back to his home plane in order to repair his realm and make amends with his former friend.

The heroes healed their wounds and recieved O'ma's thanks, along with gates to any location they desired. Tupaia requested a gate back to her home forest, and the rest of the heroes requested their gate to open up at the home of Rajivik Roan, the infusor who helped them what seemed like ages ago. They wanted to repay him for his kindness by informing him that the curse over him and his lover could be lifted if they only apologized to the Romini lady who placed it. Rajivik received them well, and he put them up for the night before their long journey back to T'Nanshi.


After their long and arduous journey, the heroes were anxious to get to their homes. The long sailing voyage from Rajivik's tower went uneventfully, as did their respective overland journeys.

Aratelda Rinthong eventually patched up her differences with her father and the rest of the family. House Royal, the ruling family of Elves, took notice of her from the stories which were circulating of the epic deeds which the heroes had recently committed. They dubbed her with an official title, "Savior of the Elven People", and they gave her command of the standing elven army of T'Nanshi. Aratelda accepted her awards gracefully.

Soon after, other Ringthong family members who had affinities for the warrior way started to consult Arie for instruction. This displeased the more magically inclined family members who themselves were descended from the warrior Solerion Rinthon, a hero from the Great War. At some point in history the name was changed to Rinthong by the ruling sorcerers. This rift in the family eventually forced Arie and her followers to part with their magic using cousins and reform House Rinthon after a warrior's fashion. The two houses, Ringthong and Rinthon stayed amicable towards each other, but separate.

Andrinor took some time to get used to his newfound power. He went about his business of making himself known to the magic users on Avlis as well as building his realm on the plane of Ysgard.

Orianna journeyed immediately to Mikona, the capital city of M'Chek where she began assembling her own Rogue's guild. She ran into some early troubles carving out territory from the already existing guild in Mikona, but with the help of her contacts from the city of Andarr, including her old friend Derot Slimshadow, she managed to work out a nice living. Even her old mate Vanoviel Niltaurwen stayed in contact with her.

Vanoviel, charged with a sacred duty from her god, started construction of her order, The Champions of O'ma. She chose a small area in the northern part of T'Nanshi to construct her keep, which is eventually to be expanded into a castle, and even a town later. Her order was founded with the help of her old comrade Sarmon, the cleric of O'ma. He accepted a commission as a Champion and began training. Today he is one of the top members of the order and generally runs business in the keep when Vanoviel is away. The first batches of Vanoviel's Champions were sent in small groups to the border with M'Chek to oversee the battle against the humans. A few other small contingencies were sent northward and eastward.

Tupaia settled down in her home forest very close to Champion's Keep. She began to tend to the forest area around it as well as training some fledgling druids who began coming to her for knowledge. Eventually, her following developed into an order of druids working for O'ma. They watched over the forests of T'Nanshi and made sure that business with the Titanean fairies never got too much out of line.

Rynn stayed nearby Rajivik's tower in the Kurathene Empire. He felt it would be more interesting to spread his new tail in the north part of the continent. Thus from Rajivik's place, he went to Kuras, the capital city of the once renown Kurathene Empire. He makes his living to this very day singing about his epics in the local taverns. Jade went to T'Nanshi along with Van, Ari, and Tupaia. However, she journeyed to the capital city and retook her position in the government as a foreign ambassador. She requested a position far far away from Mikona.....


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