Avlis Campaign 6

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The Daggerspace Campaign

Scene 1: Abduction!

Chillin’ at the Crossroads Tavern on the continent of Atradyse, playing darts, drinking
Skeletons bust in and shoot poison arrows that paralyze everyone
Everyone is knocked unconscious

Scene 2: Escape and Rebellion on the Ship

Jail break from lower boat decks
Realize that ship is flown by undead zombies/skeletons
Ship was a Galleon, spelljamming vessel
Party finds out from the low-level necromancer pilot that the ship was taking them to the stronghold of a necromancer
A new ship full of strange dragon-like creatures pulls up alongside to help in the battle.
The Dracon aide the party in taking over
Dracon captain tells them a necromancer from a nearby asteroid took them to use as his minions. Some of his own men were taken and to repay the favor he wants help rescuing them.
First ship obtained! A Galleon!

Scene 3: Squid Ship Random Space Encounter

Space pirates, mixed races
Squid Ship spelljamming vessel
Party members take the squid ship… and now have 2 ships! (plus the Dracon’s ship, which is a Hammership spelljamming vessel.)

Scene 4: Asteroid Raid

The party followed the dracon to an asteroid they said was holding some of their people prisoner, and wanted party to help them free their fellow dracon as payment for rescue.
Asteroid name - Jeminix
Surface raid!
Bombard prison camps from the air to soften them up for a ground attack
Rescue slave orcs, and a few other races, including some of the Dracon
One of the rescued dracon is a little ill, he is taken back to the Dracon ship
Asteroid has a massive hole in the side of it that a ship can fly through
Other size of asteroid has a glowing spherical portal that constantly pushes out air, which the living inhabitants use for breathing
Party goes into the asteroid
Dracon stay in orbit and on surface to take out the other surface camp and clean up remaining resistance

Scene 5: Into the Asteroid

Through the caverns & tunnels…
Encounters within the asteroid-
Giant Zombie Storage Room
Goblin colony, i.e. living labor camp/breeding
Ritual Room where Dallas badly injured and taken back to ship, feeling a little ill (later gets zombified and killed off)
Discovery of a portal at the center of the asteroid that leads to the Negative Material Plane, apparently the portal acts as an energy source
Spelljamming vessel docks where a small fight occurs, able to rest a little, find an armored ship with a Life Jammer helm that they take
Swap the Lifejammer helm for the Spelljammer helm that was on the Galleon

Scene 6: The Sylphs

After exploring inside the asteroid, went to Portal to Elemental Plane of Air outside asteroid
Found a kingdom of sylphs and got an audience with the queen, name unknown
Sylphs told the party that a wizard apprentice in a nearby tower on a floating island was kidnapping sylphs for experiments
Tower surrounded by a shield, which is powered by the portal to the Negative Material Plane, back inside the asteroid
Party goes back to asteroid and starts knocking out power conduits… BIG explosion inside asteroid
They go back to the sylphs and tell them to start their attack on the tower
Sylph queen warned the party that an “abomination” resides in the bottom of the tower and they must bring it back to the sylphs
Necromancer Tower
Landed on roof and assaulted downward.
Next level down was an antechamber
Next level was a dining room, fought some tough golems
Next level was room with mysterious mist in which a sceptre floated
A creature in the mist attacked and was defeated. Sceptre was a key to opening/closing the portal. Someone closed the portal.
Necromancer’s Assistant attacks party
Defeated with webbing & silence
Party finds Lathalsa, the so-called abomination, a half-sylph, who turns out to be the sister of the bar wench
Learn about family daliances of father
Back to Sylph kingdom to recharge, queen asks for Lathalsa but party refuses to give her up. They run. Get to the portal back to the Prime Material Plane (asteroid), realize it’s closed. Have to go back to the necromancer tower to turn the scepter switch back on. Come back to portal and go through.
Half-sylph joins the party

Scene 7: Fire & Flee!

Dracon have been tending to ill prisoners
Turns out the sickness is a zombie illness and their whole ship was overrun
Party burns original Galleon ship and Dracon ship
Take Squid Ship & Armored Ship from inside space dock after switching out the Life Jammer helm with one of the regular Spelljamming helms
Recharge at Port
After the asteroid, party opted to return to Avlis
Encountered wreckage of two ships and a very recent battle
They spot a githyanki void cruiser taking off as the githzerai ships around it crumble and break up. There appear to be a couple of survivors in the wreckage.
Party picks up a wounded githzerai who asks for rescue. Mid-conversation he spots a stray githyanki knight in the wreckage and jumps off to attack it, igniting a psionic blade
Party watches him defeat the githyanki knight and takes him back to his base, another asteroid
Letitia meets another priestess of Saint Mariam: Alhana Brighthaven
Alhana Brighthaven: The legend of SSaint Mariam tells that the saint ascended to the stars in a ship of gold that rode on the thunder and lightning.
This story caused a split in the religion between those who took it literally and those who took it figuratively.
The two factions have a schism that often leads to violence back on Avlis.
Alhana is a literalist and is searching for Saint Mariam among the stars.
Alhana has a scroll with the following poem:

"And lo, did our lady ascend the stairway of gold.
Her pain and suffering lifted from the masses
Was carried with her to the stars
On a bird of thunder and lightning.
Her thought the deeper,
Her mood the more,
As the sight of her weakened.
Never has there been a star
So deeply beloved by The Supreme,
And never would there be hence."

Letitia has a book with same poem, but her copy has a continuing passage:
"The lady spoke unto her disciples
Three days hence in a dream.
'I bear thy torture in my vessel of gold.
Forever shall I remain here to plead
With my Creator for your forgiveness.
My vessel now crowns the sun,
And it shall be my temple, my fortress,
And my symbol of love for my people and my Father.

Scene 8: Makin’ Money

Githzerai offer the party a way to make a lot of money and upgrade their ship and buy supplies
They think that a mindflayer is setting up shop on Levena, the moon of Avlis
Want party to check it out, NOT engage. A village there is steadily losing people
Party decides to do this and put Saint Mariam quest and Necromancer quest aside for now
Smashing Paladins random space encounter
Symbol of god matches Letitia’s
Ship is an expedition ship of the Templars and Crusaders of Saint Mariam
They are not literalists. They chase down and kill literalists.
Ramming speed! Drop the ship into their ship’s gravity well and crush the deck of their Galleon
20+ paladins killed, minor damage to party’s ship

Scene 9: Village of the Mindless

Town name - unknown
Party lands on Levena, moon of Avlis
Most buildings are empty, sometimes a catatonic person is found in a building, constantly bumping into a wall or banging head on table
Tavern - The Space Pony - find a little girl in a daze, talks about “The Great Builder”, calls him a “mind bender”.
Has no idea where everyone went.
She thinks “Great Builder” lives west.
Doesn’t seem to be much help beyond that.
Party ventures out of village to west, comes to a graveyard with mausoleum
Find a secret passage at the back wall where there is a shrine to Saint Mariam that has a door opening up to a stairway down
Find a vampire down there, symbol of Saint Mariam on his coffin
Fight the vampire, he turns to gaseous form and flees

Scene 10: Vampire on Board

Party decides it was a vampire, not a mind flayer that destroyed the village
Head back to ship to go tell the githzerai
Crew members start disappearing after a few days
Lathalsa (half-sylph) shows signs of becoming a thrall
Party stations the orc slave with her to stop vampire from coming in while he’s coming in, but it doesn’t seem to work
Party studies the dying body of Lathalsa, finds a holy symbol of Saint Mariam around her neck
Vampire appears, tells them Lathalsa looks just like Saint Mariam
Vampire claims he was Saint Mariam lover, and he witnessed her ascension to godhood
His protests and anguish over Mariam's pain made him curse at The Supreme, who he supposes changed him into a vampire
He was unable to bear staying with Saint Mariam any longer, too painful. She left for somewhere unknown.
She gave him a censor and told him it was one of three keys he could use to find her again one day
Vamp tells the party that a mind flayer is indeed killing everyone in that village
Vampire kills Lathalsa and leaves
Party cuts Lathalsa's head off to try to prevent her from rising
Vampire gets angry, fights party
Charms Conor and Thundershaft, bites them both, drains Conor until death
Party "vaporizes" vamp but he comes back an hour later and tells them to retrieve the head of Lathalsa and put it back on
Party complies and takes vamp and bodies of Lathalsa and Conor to githyanki asteroid, let's them go
Dock official who gave party mission to scout the mind flayer on Levena berates them, tells them to try again

Scene 11: If at first you don't succeed...

The party took some downtime on the githzerai asteroid to resupply and rest
Met a githzerai wizard named Nirk who was assigned to them by the githzerai as a guide to do reconnaissance on the suspected mind flayer on Levena
In the tavern where they met Nirk, they ran into a paladin of St. Mariam named Sir Worthur
Worthur told them that he is part of the Order of the Panfish sent to capture or kill Leticia and alhana as heretics for their belifs in Literalism
Worthur was secretly sympathetic to them due to his adventures in space. He believes Mariam may have physically ascended and that it may not be just a metaphor. He warns the group that a group of paladins of the Order of the Panfish are on the asteroid ready to grab them.
Says there is a war going on back on Avlis between the Literalists and the orthodox church. The Order of the Panfish is running an Inquisition against heretics/Literalists.
He walks out of the bar. Afterwrd, the PC's decide they need more crew and Nirk tells them to post an ad in the Town Hall.
On the way to the Town Hall they get jumped by the paladins. Leticia's spell kills several and the others, including Sir Worthur flee.
After posting the ad, they relax and recoup some more. Days later, 10 githzerai show up. 9 decide to join the crew within a couple days.
Crew takes off for Levena, and almost instantly gets jumped by a paladin ship.
Space battle ensues. Shots traded. The party uses Greek Fire to catch the paladin ship aflame and mows down most of the crew with the arquebi.
They board the ship, almost completely empty now and find the mage who was driving, a member of the White Order of the Light.
They complete their journey to levena and find a crator with construction taking place, seemingly by thralls from the town they last left.