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Avlis Fatespinner


Avlis Fatespinner - Events and Chronomancy of Southern Negaria is a project developed by Aramithran with the objective to create a calendar for all the things Avlis. The thread on the Avlis boards that gave birth to the project is located here.

The Fatespinner's front-end is a user-friendly website. Currently (September 2011) most of the project's functionality is already there. Users can register themselves, add new and edit existing content, receive e-mail notification and have the event times automatically converted to their respective time zones - and more.

Aramithran on the Fatespinner

Hello guys,

While into the spirit of giving, I managed to devote some hours into a small project that I think would help the community. Please check it out (temporary server): http://alephcomunicacion.dreamhosters.com/avlisfatespinner It's basically a site that would be used for Event Managing and Tracking. I think such thing would help us raise the World's population and general level of participation.

Features (so far):

  • users can post events,
  • event abstract displayed,
  • organizer of event displayed,
  • event classification (server and type so far, more to come),
  • a calendar that displays the events,
  • upcoming events at front page (for quick viewing),
  • users can sign up for events,
  • users can get reminded of the events they signed up for,
  • default times are UTC, but if the user logs in, all times become their preferred timezone automatically,
  • an improvised but nice logo.

Current state of the project

This project was not well received by key members of the community, thus got cancelled and is no longer under development.