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Green check.png This page is an official policy on the Avlis Wiki.
If you disagree with the contents of a page, feel free to edit the part you disagree with. PCs: pages are not the exclusive domain of the PC's player, nor are any other pages such as Guild pages, or world information pages. Be aware, however, that if anyone disagrees with you directly removing another user's content, your edit will be a disputed edit. Below are the guidelines for disputed edits.

Creation of an editing dispute.

An editing dispute is created when a user disagrees with an edit made to an article.

Resolving a editing dispute

Use the talk page

When your disagree with an edit, state your reasons on the talk page before making a change or reverting. If you do not mention your reasons on the talk page, you might start an edit war.


Once a certain edit is being discussed on the talk page, the whole section or paragraph in question should be commented out (<!-- text -->) and may not be changed until all involved users come to an agreement on the talk page. Disputed edits should be discussed on the talk page of the article in question only, for everyone to see, not through forum PMs or Irc. The only exception here is when you feel an edit contradicts the Avlis rules, as written in the Rules page. In that case, send an e-mail to staff@avlis.org. Note that you should NOT email if it contradicts the wiki rules only - the wiki policies are policed by the players, the Avlis Team rules by the team. In the case of exploits, monster stats, or FOIG information, remove them from the article before e-mailing.

Admin/Team involvement

The Team will not participate or mediate in any editing disputes unless a specific team member chooses to do so. If you want an admin to protect the page, you may request protection on the talk page.