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Green check.png This page is an official policy on the Avlis Wiki.

These are the rules of the Avlis wiki, and all users should follow these policies when editing or reading pages on the Avlis Wiki. The Avlis Wiki policies are enforced by the administrators, unless a specific policy states otherwise, but, users are encouraged to solve problems themselves by using the talk pages.




PCs and Guild articles are IC

All information on articles starting with "PCs:" or "Guild:" can be used as In Character information.

All other information is OOC

All information on pages not starting with "PCs:" or "Guild:" is Out of Character information. Your character only knows what is appropriate. Use common sense.


Editing disputes

Solve editing disputes by talking to the one you disagree with.

Protection policy

Some pages, such as this one and the Main Page are protected. Only administrators can edit them.