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This article is about the language. For the player, see Players.
For the Avlis player newsletter, see The Avlissian.

Avlissian is the language spoken by players of Blackdagger: The World of Avlis.




  1. Find out in game. Means to either encourage a player to seek previously asked information inside the game itself, or to state a reason why certain information was removed (Also may refer to FOIG, Inc., named after the abbreviation).
    Origin: First used by PlasmaJohn in this post, FOIG quickly became a craze, with curiosities like the FOIG stamp image appearing. FOIG is a popular answer used by the Avlis Team to questions regarding details on in-game systems.



  1. An acronym for "In Character". Information deemed "IC" is something your character might know, given access to the right channels of information.



  1. An acronym for "Out of Character". This is a phrase to describe things that you as a player know, but which your character never could.

To Pull a Ghostie


  1. To bring your laptop to an Avlis meet, only to find out that it doesn't pick up the wireless connection available.

To Pull a Xeo


  1. To lock yourself into your own inn room, by placing the key of the room into the chest.
    Origin: The player Xeo Bodacea, commonly referred to as Xeo, and naming himself that on Irc, used to lock himself into his inn room often, resulting in a posting on the boards with a call for DM help to get him out. Because of the public attention that this frequent mistake he made generated, his name became synonymous with the action.
  2. Might also refer to subsequently retireing and reviving the same character.
    Origin: The same player also retired and revived his character Isamu several times.