Beware of Hags and Vipers

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By Willem Lightheart

Traveling through T’nanshi one day
I saw a group while on my way
One told of strange and dangerous things
Of which this bard now often sings
Things that would make an interesting sight
And eventually lead to a very fierce fight

T’Nanshi Ice Vipers seemed to be out
Killing the druids and innocents throughout
All around Grovehaven when the sun was downed
These vipers would slither all over the ground
Then once the light of day would shine through
This place would be safe for me and for you

So three of us to Grovehaven we went
I now believe we were by the gods sent
To see what was all of the matter
And to find out for what was all the chatter
On the road a great Avenger stood guard
Telling us if we enter the fight would be hard

The Avenger gave us a little advice
Taking the lift by day would be nice
And talk to the Rangemaster up in the trees
He might just help if we say please
So when the night turned into day
The three of us set out on our way

The Rangemaster told us a tale or two
Of hags and hunters and ice vipers too
But how to find them he knew not
But his advice did help us a lot
He told us to find a young elven lad
You know the ones who often are bad

Once the urchins we were able to find
They seemed to be in quite a bind
Some hags had kicked them out of their lair
But they did warn us all to beware
And take an army if we wanted to go
And fight them hags on the platforms below

So an army of friends was promptly called in
And then the fight was soon to begin
For the hags came up to Fourtrees to attack
And the group mustered to go fight them back
Then the party dealt the final blow
And killed the hags on the platforms below

Now it seems things are quiet today
But be careful when you travel that way
For you never know if and when
Some evil hags could come back again
But if they do and the fight gets too hard
Remember this song from a young fighting bard

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