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By Adagio D'Tranticus

Once I called all seafood drab
Until I tasted Ferrell Crab
One bite, my tastebuds were ablaze
And now I sing its crabby praise

A tasty treat when boiled or fried
Its popular the whole world wide
The only trouble's getting some
Without losing a hand or thumb!

When fishing for their lunch, the wise
Will seek the ones of normal size
But those with larger appetites
Should come prepared for quite the fight!

As tall as horses these crabs stand
And gods forbid they come on land
'Cause when they do, you'd better flee
Lest this seafood doth feast on thee!

Crustaceans of enormous size,
Their tasty flesh is quite the prize
But even moreso are the shells
Which can resist the toughest spells

So if you're fishing for a meal
Forget the rod and grab some steel
You'll need it if you hope to nab
A taste of giant Ferrell Crab.

From The Complete Works of Adagio D'Tranticus, Vol. 1: Comic Songs About Animals