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Research and Observations by: Ellowin and Tup


Domestic dogs are distant relatives of the wolf. Many generations of breeding have led to a variety of breeds that have particular traits and characteristics.


Author: Tupaia Warick

A dalmation and a malamute.

A dalmation, looks just like a normal dog, except for the coloring. They are whire with black spots. I'd say that the one that I attempted to befriend was about 50 pounds. I found this one in the northern residences of Elysia, in a small pack (3 of them) surrounding the cleric that stands just inside of the gate. (The cleric was probably giving them snacks.) I was hesitant to attempt to bond with him, because my fyglia is feline, but I did try anyway. I was quite surprised when I experienced quite a connection between us.


needs description


needs description


Author: Tupaia Warick

A malamute is a species of canine. Perhaps 75 pounds or so. It could just be the fur though. The fur on this one seemed much longer than the fur of its cousins. Grey and white markings as exhibited in the picture. This critter seemed to get along well with other dogs, as I found him with a dalmation.


A Mastiff and the Author

Author: Ellowin

Mastiffs are large, friendly, fiercely loyal, and mostly carnivorous.


needs description


Most compatible: Wolf

Least compatible: unknown