Dying in Deglos

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by Frulamin Hawklight

I'll go to explore some.
I think I do prefer caves.
So Deglos seems a good choice,
I thought...

Well I can say I'm distraught!

When the beetles stalk and the dead do walk,
When the hammers bash and the golems smash,
When the Dragons burn and the fortunes turn...
I know I'm dying in Deglos!

I know I'm dying alone
and I'll never get my stuff back
cause I'll get lost on the way.

When fire giants fight and the lava's bright,
When the crabs do pace and the spiders race,
When a Gnome explodes and a bridge erodes...
I know I'm dying in Deglos!

So clearly I need a plan.
I think I'll write some friends
and we'll go beat those damn...

When the Shaahesk crash and the Goblins mesh,
When all hell breaks lose and Umber Hulks confuse,
When the gargyoles seize and the party flees...
We know we're dying in Deglos!

We all know how that feels
And when the party is wiped out
we swear revenge and retreat.