Eastern Frogshark

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Creature Name: Eastern Frogshark

Observations by: Gorstag Tessele of the Blue Order of the Sky, Siri'Ana Zelledae

Creature Type: Animal ((1882))

Creature Subtype: Other

CTS trainable: Not yet (under Team review).


The only known amphibious shark in Avlis, the Eastern frogshark is normally found in water but it's also able to wriggle around on land, breathing air, for short periods of time. This is done with swift, sinusoidal strokes of its relatively smaller body (compared to other shark species), almost sliding through sand and grass at a rather impressive speed. Frogsharks do not appear to possess any extra appendage or limb, neither functional nor vestigial, to aid them in these movements.

Feeding Habits

Eastern frogsharks seem to have evolved to prey on smaller animals (both birds, invertebrates, and mammals) that occupy the shoreline, although not exclusively. They also feed on other underwater fish and invertebrates.

Disposition and Social Habits

These authors have only observed Eastern frogsharks in shivers of several individuals, suggesting they mostly hunt and move in packs. Female specimens appear to be slightly larger in build than males.


Eastern frogsharks have been found on the shores of an island in Eastern T'Nanshi, as well as medium to shallow waters in similar locations ((DM event, Wilderness server)).


Most compatible: Wolf

  • Before an Eastern frogshark can hunt, he needs to locate its prey. Its highly developed senses allow it to detect even the most minuscule hints that prey might be near. It then tracks it relentlessly, much like a waterborne wolf.

Other notes

Frogsharks can survive outside the water to some degree, but they become increasingly more letargic as they spend more time on land and it's quite taxing on them. As such, it's highly recommended to only train such creatures nearby bodies of water that can sustain them, or to employ a summoned water elemental to keep them lively during long treks.