Elysian Dart Swallow

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Creature Name: Elysian Dart Swallow

Observations by: Deider of Pelar

Creature Type: Animal ((2067))

Creature Subtype: Bird

CTS trainable: Yes (compatible with CTS).


Swallows are small birds that are commonly seen around rivers and lakes in Negaria. The Elysian dart swallow is no exception. It is known for its distinctive deep purple plumage.

Feeding Habits

The Elysian dart swallow feeds exclusively on insects, such as flies, dragonflies, small beetles, and flying ants. They catch and eat their prey in mid-air while flying.

Disposition and Social Habits

Elysian dart swallows hunt together in flocks. They are rare among birds in that the male and female do not have different plumage. The males attract females in a courtship ritual in which they perform elaborate aerial dance routines. Mated pairs will burrow nests into the ground near riverbanks.


Elysian dart swallows are found exclusively near rivers around Elysia. They do not build nests in trees, but prefer burrows in the ground. In the winter they tunnel into riverbanks to spend the night.


Most compatible: Hawk

  • Swallows, like hawks, are a type of bird, though much smaller.

Other notes

Elysian dart swallows are prized by the local population for keeping the insect population down, especially in summer. They are rarely hunted for food, being too small to generate any decent amount of meat. However, their feathers are often used as fletching for arrows, and while locals will pluck feathers from live birds or use ones found on the ground, outsiders will sometimes kill the swallows for their feathers and leave the carcasses by the river, to the consternation of Elysians.