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The Eshala

The nation of Jechran is populated by female dominated tribes that date back to The Great War when the nation of Dobrekan in eastern Negaria was destroyed. Survivors of that catastrophe were mostly female family members of male troops that went off to fight the war, and when their lands and livelihoods were wiped clean in one explosion, they had to fend for themselves. Many of the inhabitants of the area that was Dobrekan were not in fact orcs, although the nation was orcish. Human and elven visitors to the area were caught in the crossfire and eventually gave rise to the human and mixed human tribes of Jechran. However, many other survivors were not human or elven, but the sisters, mothers, and wives of the orcish fighters that died. The descendants of these orcish survivors who later went on to mix with some of the other surrounding tribes of Jechran are known as the Eshala.

The term "Eshala" actually describes a category of Jechranian tribes composed mostly of orcs and half-orcs and descended from the original inhabitants of Dobrekan. It is no single tribe or place. Nevertheless, most Eshala tribes share similar categories and culture that derive from their orcish heritage:

Mixed Heritage

The Eshala people often have mixed human and orcish blood. The female-dominated societies of Jechran trade goods, and these can include captured males for breeding purposes. To the Eshala, heritage and bloodlines are more important than race, and there is no stigma in using captured human or half-elven males for increasing numbers of future tribe folk.


Another important distinction in Eshala tribes is their religious practice. Generally, the worship of Dre'Ana and Yeraiah are rare among them because they see these deities as being helpful to "non-native" tribes that are not descended from the people of Dobrekan. Until 1950 O.D., the primary goddess of the Eshala was Tianna, the consort of Valok and goddess of seduction and intrigue. However, that year, the goddess Tianna was killed in a plot by Valok to enter the Prime Material Plane when the god Angadar got the attention of Mikon who guards the material plane from intrusion by deities in their true form as he tossed Tianna through the portal into Mikon's menacing blows. For this reason, both Angadar and Valok are particularly hated by the Eshala.

It has been a couple of centuries since that time, and the Eshala have been continually forlorn and aimless in this period. They feel as if they have no guidance. On a few occasions, Valok has arrived in disguise to try to win them over to him, but has so far been unsuccessful. There are also rumors of several prominent figures in Eshala society being descended from Valok, or sired directly by him. However, this quality has often been met with derision by fellow tribe members instead of awe. Nevertheless, Valok continues his mission to regain the Eshala people.

In some tribes, there are charismatic figures that are revered, a couple of whom have attained immortal status due to the adoration of the people. It is thought that one of these figures may one day rise to take on Tianna's mantle and guide the Eshala once again.

Relations with Other Tribes

Like the rest of the Jechranian tribes, the Eshala continually fight among themselves, but they reserve particular animosity toward the non-Eshala tribes of humans, elves, and half-elves that are more common in Jechran due to higher birth rates and more successful hunting and survival techniques learned from Dre'Ana and Yeraiah. Eshala tribes see themselves as the rightful owners of the land and regard the invaders as having no right to it. Some of the more devious tribes actively seek to destroy and pillage other Jechranian tribes with this excuse. At best, a good-aligned Eshala tribe will avoid those of the other races except for trading purposes.