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The Evershield Guard

The crest of the Evershield Guard
Lord Jared Evershield, Lord of Finmaegen Keep

The Evershield Guard ...

Shown Name

Citizens, soldiers, and statesmen,

It is with great honor and everlasting Glory that on this day is officially announced the creation of the Evershield Guard. Any who wish to reap the unending benefits of personal, political, and social influence that stem from service in the employ of the Lord of Finmaegen Keep - Lord Dominator Jared Evershield - are invited to apply. The rewards will be bountiful and the prestige unmatched.

You can reply to this by sending a private note directed to the Captain of the Evershield Guard, Finmaegen Keep, M'Chek. Glory light your path.

Evershield Guard Roster

An Evershield Guard in his uniform

Guard Captain

Antonin Bross


Madon Dethrune


Josh Steele

Guild Information

Alignment: Any.

Base of operations: Finmaegen Keep, M'Chek.

How to contact us: Send a message to the Guard Captain, Antonin Bross.

What we do: Assure the safety of Lord Jared Evershield.

What to expect: Lots of RP and exercise missions along with the odd chance of DM interest.