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Warmaster Rhissaerk's Shaahesk Elite

Description: Predominantly Shaahesk group all serving to advance the ambitions of their warmaster, Rhissaerk Jalesh. Mostly Shaahesk and kobold at present, though any races are welcome, either playing the role of slaves or equals. Admission is based more on whether or not you'd IC'ly fit into the group based on Rhissaerk's judgement, as well as willingness to RP well, rather than specific race/alignment.

This is predominantly a Shaahesk/kobold group, but other warmbloods could possibly fit in - mostly in the form of other slaves, such as gnolls, half-orcs, half-ogres, etc., as well as possibly even escaped slaves....

Also, we ask that both Shaahesk and non-Shaahesk members try to recognize the relationship between Shaahesk and slaves. We try to keep this as IC as possible while still keeping it respectful of other players in a mature manner. Remember too, that the Shaahesk respect strength, and it isn't unheard of for slaves to rise in the ranks.

Alignment: Most likely non-good, but open to any who can convince us they're of use to the band and not prey. Again, personal acceptance is key here, rather than any overreaching alignment guidelines.

Base of Operations: Mikona, Temple of Aarilax

How to Contact Us: Send a PM to Rhissaerk Jalesh, or contact us IG.

What we do: Advance the ambitions of our Shaahesk warmaster and in general strut our scaly stuff around M'Chek.

What to expect: A diverse band of well RPed and mature players: Shaahesk and their personal slaves/retainers/butlers/bodyguards, each with their own endearing characteristics. Definitely more of an agressive guild that enjoys friendly and competitive CvC, as well as unique DM events revolving around the warmaster's succession.

Other Organizations: The Shaahesk Elite are for the most part, pro-war, and anti-elven, as well as being Shaahesk supremascists. This obviously will probably not make you eligible for some notable elven groups.... and your asssociation with the Shaahesk might be frowned upon by your warmblood comrades... but hey, chances are you're a Shaahesk and already have those problems anyway. Other than that, our membership also has relatively close ties to the M'Chek Army, the Alpha Corps, and the Order of Aarilax, some of our members belonging to those three organizations. Other neutral groups such as the 4A, FEAT, and the Mage Orders (save for possibly the Green Order), are also fine.