Magic:Summon Creature IX

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Conjuration ( Summoning )
Level: Clr 9, Drd 9, Sor/Wiz 9
Innate Level: 9
Component(s): V, S
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Short
Target: Point
Duration: 1 Minute/Level
Counter(s): --
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No
Metamagic: Extend, Quicken, Silent, Still
Energy Substitution: No

This spell summons a creature (typically an outsider, elemental, or magical beast native to another plane). It appears where you designate and acts immediately. It attacks your opponents to the best of its abilities. If you can communicate with the creature, you can direct it not to attack, to primarily target opponents attacking you, or to follow you. The spell conjures one of the creatures from the list below. You choose which kind of creature to summon, and you can change that choice each time you cast the spell provided that you are able to concentrate on making the selection. When you use a summoning spell to summon an air, chaotic, earth, evil, fire, good, lawful creature, it is a spell of that type. For example, summon monster I is a lawful and evil spell when you cast to summon a fiendish dire rat.
Summoned creatures act normally on the last round of the spell and disappear at the end of their turn.

Greater Pixie (NG)(Druid only)
Celestial Huge Androsphinx (CG)
Elder Air Elemental (N)
Elder Water Elemental (N)
Elder Fire Elemental (N)
Elder Earth Elemental (N)
Elder Ooze Elemental (N)
Cockatrice (N)
Bone Devil (Osyluth)(LE)
Night Hag (NE)