My firefly

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I'm sitting here next to the pier
And the rain is coming down.
I'm drinking sky from puddles
And I'm thinking I might drown.

I'm waiting for some sunshine now
I'm waiting for some light.
There's only a small firefly
Riding with the tide.

Far out she crosses currents
She navigates the storm.
Her wings as if from adamant
Are never to be torn.

She's darting through the valleys
And circling through the mists.
She's coming ever closer
I think I get her gist.

I'm sitting here next to the pier
Sometimes I'm losing sight.
I cry out then and hope she hears
My rallying cry to fight.

Precise, no doubts, stiletto-like
My firefly escapes the tide.
A thing of glaring beauty
And with a sense of duty.

There's fireflies in sunshine.
There's sunshine after rain.
I know I'll live to see it yet,
My firefly, her game.

by Frulamin Hawklight