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Daphne Harrow
Race: Half-Dryad.

Age: 27.
Gender: Female.
Height: 5'5.
Eyes: Amber.
Occupation: Warrior.
Residence: Mikona, Southern M'Chek.


Daphne is at first sight a gaunt if athletic Half-Elf. It is only with significant time or knowledge that one could distinguish her as a Half-Dryad. Her natural tan is further bronzed by time spent in nature, and her amber eyes shine with determination. A smile only rarely finds its way to her lips.


Daphne's history is shrouded in mystery, even to herself. She has no memory of her mother, but has always been told that she was found alive and screaming beneath a Dryad's corpse, with an Equalizer not far away. Her mixed racial background never afforded her many friends in Mikona. And so, rather than spending her early life in an orphanage filled with children who harbored no love for her, she decided to try her luck on the streets.

How exactly she made her way through all of this to take her first, uncertain steps in the world of the adult population is something she never speaks of. All that is known is that where an uncertain young girl went in, a hardened young woman came out.