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Name: Dashel Knight

Race: Human

Age: Young (Unknown believes to be around 23, takes birthday from a summer festival)

Born: The Kurathene Empire in the city of Arvanos

Author: A Guide to Mikona by Twilight

...Mummy...Mummy the little boy, no more that 7, slowly made it up the stairs, tears already forming in his eyes, somewhere in the pit of his stomach he knew something was wrong. Reaching the door where, his mother entertained her gentlemen friends, the boy hestitated. He wasnt ment to interupt, but somehow he knew something was wrong. As he pushed open the door, he could bearely undertsand the scene before him.

His mother lay up on the bed, her lifeless eyes staring straight at him, and red was everywhere. All over the room, there was splaters of red, as the scene came in and out of focus for the boy his body took over. He started to reach, and then the room swayed in and out of focus, he staggered dizzily down the stairs and into the streets, he was totally alone for the first time in his life and all he wanted to do was crawl into the gutter and die....

... his lungs burnt with every breath, his legs felt like lead but he had to keep running, the coin purse clutch tightly in his hand, the young thief couldnt work out what had gone wrong. For the last five years he had lived on the streets, done well for himself he considered himself gifted in his proffession. Which was were he couldnt understand how the merhcant and his guards had been on him so quick, it should have been a simple snatch and grab, but instead he was running for his life from the merchants guards. As he rounded the corner, he found himself on the ground, the world quickly moving in and out of focus and then he blacked out.

The press of human bodies being lined up to be sold by the slavers filled the makeshift auction block, looking around the young man couldnt work out where he was or how long he had been unconcious. His head still ached from where the guard had hit him, but it appeared rather than being handed over to the city watch he had been sold to slavers. As his time on the block approached, he figured his time was about up, he was too young to make a good labourer and the slavers wouldnt want to spend gold on keeping him alive to then, as he step on the block the young slave wonder how much his life was worth....

...the page steped through the hall way and then moved quickly into the shadows as he slipped past a pair of guards more intend on their conversation than keeping an eye out. Once past them the young man deftly tripped a lock and entered a spacious study. As he moved over to an orniment desk and set to work unlocking it Dashel pondered the providence of fate. He had been bought at the auction block by a member of the noblity, and since that day had been trainned to be a page in his masters service, in that time he had learnt how to read and write, to fence, to speak many languages and all manner of fasinating things. With a grin, Dashel recalled that he had believe that was all that his master wanted of him.

With a twist of his wrist the draw was open and he was quickly copying the names of the people listed in the documents in the desk down. No if it was just another paige that was wanted, he would have died at the auction and some local farm boy would be waring his tarbard. He had been plucked form death to serve the crown in uncovering traitors, and other than if he was caught he would be hung as a common thief life wasnt too bad. As he slide the documents back into the desk, and sliped back the way he had come, the paige considered it might be an idea to take start looking to make a life for himself that wasnt inevitable going to see him dead....