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Name: Miranda Rose (sometimes "Andy")
Race: Human
Class: Wizard, Palemaster
Alignment: Iffy
Faith: Agnostic
Place of Birth: Ocean's Edge, Arvia (Arkaz)
Gender: Female
Age: Mid-thirties
Height: 5'5" or 5'6"-ish

Most Active on: Visimontium

Known Affiliations:
  • Ashen Order, Initiate
  • Academy of the Advanced Arcane, Necromancy/Palemastery teacher
  • First Apprentice of Ronan Ceril
  • Former Head of Wizardry, Nuvar School of Magic
  • Former Master of Scrying, Nuvar School of Magic
Research Interests:
  • Necromancy
  • Palemastery
  • Undead/Undeath
  • Negative Energy
  • Rituals
  • Runes, languages, linguistics, and translation
  • History
  • Anything she is told that she isn't allowed to know about


Miranda is a native of Arkaz who learned magic from Ronan Ceril (then Ronan Grey) at the Nuvar School of Magic. After many years of loyal service to the city of Nuvar, she was banished from the Nuvar School for her secret participation in the ritual which killed a child and raised her grandmaster, Jarmanis, to godhood. She was forced to submit to a Geas following a conviction from the Council of Nuvar. Disgusted with her treatment, she fled to Avlis along with her mentor and several students.

haunted eyes and piercing gaze


Miranda remains a quiet and introverted woman who has mostly retreated into seclusion during her time on Avlis. She has been hired as a teacher at the Academy of the Advanced Arcane and plans to teach necromancy and palemastery only, a somewhat sharp contrast to her time spent teaching scrying and general magic in Nuvar. She has wavered between orders for some time, spending time as an initiate of Ebony before switching to Ashen fairly recently. Miranda has one known apprentice, Lafiat, and a number of students. She lives at her mentor's home in Visimontium.


Miranda is not a beautiful girl. She has a round face, plain features, and often-tired eyes. Her skin is pale and heavily freckled and her hair is ginger red and straight. She has a surprisingly cold and piercing gaze that does not suit her face, reminiscent of soldiers returning from a long war. She has lost a lot of weight in recent years and while she seems tidy and clean enough, she does not look particularly healthy or well-adjusted.

Miranda favors plain and functional clothing most of the time. She rarely is seen in bright colors and seems to favor black and grey, and occasionally red. She often carries a staff spiked with thorns and topped with a bronze rose, and owns a distinctive and ancient-looking black spellbook with silver finishing and runework on the cover.

Her left arm is blatantly skeletal when it is visible, but she often wears gloves and some type of padding, creating an illusion of an intact arm. However, the padding does not move as human muscles do, so it may seem "off" to anyone paying it special attention.

Miranda is not a particularly graceful girl and tends to move in as simple and efficient a way as possible, except when casting, which she seems confident with.