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Null is a young sorceress recently arrived to the city of Verloghokbol in the Underdark of Negaria. The most striking thing about her appearance is her extreme, sickly thinness. The word "skinny" would be an understatement: her ribs are showing and her limbs are stick thin. Null's face is marked by a barely visible grid of pale, faded, linear geometric tattoos she never quite manages to conceal under her raven black hair. She usually favours light, unobtrusive colours: shades of opalescent white, ivory and grey.

Null dislikes chill and frequently shivers or complains of being cold. She also obsesses about food - food stuffs in general, diets, recipes and cooking. She's hardly ever seen actually eating anything though.

Her moods range from cheerful to withdrawn, but even then she's rather simply absent than sombre.

Null may be seen in the company of her familiar, an eyeball beholder she calls Void.

→ Null's portrait by theP, the one and only.

Null casting.
Race: Human, Adomkuro.
Class: Sorceress.
Guild affiliations: None known.
Most active on server: Underdark.
PC Journal: Null's Papers
Contact: PM.